zondag 22 mei 2011

DIY two tone wig (and outfit)

Lately blogger had been bitching me a lot, I can't log on properly and it's just really weird XD I'll work on that when I'm less busy D:

maybe you saw my two tone wig in my last post?
I made that one myself using 2 wigs from a regular jokeshop. 2 wigs were 20 euros.
I'm gonna try my best to explain how I did it, with accompanying pics.

you need:
1. Two different color wigs
2. A marker.
3. Bobbypins or something else to hold the hair in one place
4. Needle and thread or a sewing machine.

the most tough thing in this is cutting the wigs in half, they will always damage and lose a lot of hair, but I think it's also cuz these were cheap quality that the construction is so..unstructured.

First try to determine the middle of the wig.

It helps to put the wig inside out, Photobucket

and fold it by taking all the supposed-to-be-even seams/tracks together.
This way I'm using my thumb and index finger to feel if the track is folded well.

now mark the middle

this line is visible on the top too.
Part the hair according to the line you can see on the other side.

now just cross your fingers and cut.

the crown of the wig can't be determined because the tracks are rotated in a way that you can't see well, but when you start cutting it gets easyer and if you can't find the track anymore, just cut, you'll lose a lot of hair but the swirl track system won't work if you're doing two tone anyway.

when you've got 2 halves, hold them together according to where the tracks go, and sew!!

this is the final result!

when you're done wear the wig and if one side is longer than the other, especially on the front, cut it even!


Sorry I couldn't explain more clearly *_*
It really is a lot of improvising..

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