dinsdag 26 april 2011

Silly pic and the TAN PLAN

First, I wanna show you the outfit I wore at the meet we had a few weeks back in Amersfoort.
Usually I post meet posts as soon as possible because otherwize I lose the spirit to report on..like now.
But I can't refrain from sharing this pic of me dancing that day (and I just want every post to contain a pic XD)
Estherbel and I were dancing on the bike path, it was so much fun~~

Now, to get to business..
The tan plan.

In recent years I tried to avoid the sun a bit, because I felt a pale skin suited my style better.
Each year I failed and I got a bit tanned anyway.

So this year, because of the abrupt nice weather, I've decided to try and get as black as I possibly can. And we'll see where that'll lead me. Too bad I didn't take any before-pic of my arm or something, then I could keep track better.
but well. That'll be a cool thing for some other blogger to do~ keep track of your tan~

I also wanna notify you of Rox's cool idea to do Gyaru Challenge.
That means you can challenge her with a style you'd like to see her do and she's gonna try do that style.
Rox and Jessica posted this up on their blog and I would do it too if I weren't so busy atm. But I might do it in a couple weeks~
Rox' gyaru challenge
Jessica's gyaru challenge

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