zondag 10 april 2011

Outfit on presentation day

The other day I had to do a little presentation for convo class.
Because the aim was just to show my skill in Japanese speech, the topic didn't need to be anything intellectually challenging. I picked Gyaru (not saying you can't write professional papers on this, this has been done a lot in recent years. might be feed for a post one day)
It was a lot of fun to do and I made a prezi slideshow with pics and videos.
I was really nervous, but I wrote the text and memorized it exactly, that helped a lot.
this is what I wore
I was SHAKING on those 12cm heels, but it actually went just fine, and I got a lot of compliments from my classmates.
(put more stuff on the hat)
I was really proud because in class I'm really silent, and now people were like "wow you can do it really well". Off course it's easy to talk about something you love so much. On top of that I've progressed a lot now that Hisashi and I regularly practice my convo.

This is what I wore outside, I brought the shoes with me.
I don't think they've ever seen me on heels that high in school, because I have to walk (fast) for 15 minutes between the station and university and back again.

Back of my hair, for once NOT hideous. (not great either).
(btw sorry for no face shot, because of the eye it's kinda tough to find a good balance with my makeup as long as it remains damaged and I can't wear lenses in there etc.)

Anyway, it was a great victory for me. I can feel much more confident in the language courses from now.

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