dinsdag 12 april 2011

Korean Wig shop "Pinkage" opened English online shop.

A wig shop I think is really cute is the pinkage shop.
Before, when we wanted to purchase from pinkage, it was a bit tough, I think it was possible to buy it from the online store but it wasn't too clear about shipping etc. or you could buy through g-market and I think this wigshop on g-market is a bit untransparent.
But now you can buy straight and easy from Pinkage online!


And they even recently picked up one of my key irritations with pinkage: The colors are all dark, I once bought a wig in what's supposed to be this color:
But in fact it's super dark brown, nearly black and only the ends are that bright.
(though it's fun to have dark hair once every now and then, my point was just a different one you know?)

Now they're producing lighter colors, you can see them in their cute new Tokyo Holiday line (not that crazy new :P)


I'm really loving Tokyo Holiday! All very gal useable! But I'm a bit sad they got rid of the boys' wigs category, I still had my eye on one of those. Well maybe g-market :P


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