zaterdag 23 april 2011

Gaijin Gyaru Awards: nominees

Heyy, I was excited to see the nominations for the Gaijin gyaru awards are up :D

As you can see I'm doing a bit of the presentation for the awards :D I was so happy and proud Lhouraii Li asked me :3 and I couldn't wait to tell you guys!
When the results are released I'll be able to show you the outfit I did that day :)
To be honest I was having a bad face day that day, and because of my eye virus you can only see one of my eyes (My eye recently healed and I can wear lenses again :D)

Other than that I'm also VERY proud to be nominated in Best Hairstyles and Best Use of Hairaccesories category. I'm really thrilled. You guys might already know my hair is my pride and hairmake is one of my favourite hobbies. But the competition is pretty tough D: That's gonna be exciting!! If you like, please support me <3

I'm also surprised to see my friend Josephine nominated in the most improved newcomer category. :D please support her!

So if you wanna vote, here is the link:

happy voting!

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