dinsdag 8 maart 2011

Japan: The Sweater.

Today's post is about the sweater, by far the one item from Japan that I've used the most up to now. I think I wear it every 2nd or 3rd day~
When we were in Tokyo, a big Union Jack sweater at JSG cought my eye.
Not buying it was a big mistake, and I've looked EVERYWHERE but the same sweater never came around again. The day I checked Kawaramachi Opa in Kyoto and I didn't find it at JSG, I turned around in disappointment and there, right in front of me, was an equally oversized Union Jack sweater at Vence and decided pretty much right away to get it.

I'm really pleased that I got this one, and couldn't get the JSG sweater, the colors are a bit less bright and this one has a round neck instead of v-neck. Even though the JSG one is so much more flashy and typical, I know myself and if I want bright colors, I want pink. When I wanna wear a sweater, it means I wanna go casual and I think this is what this sweater has on the JSG sweater, for me.

Here is the first day I wore the sweater. That day we went out to a bar but it was monday so it wasn't too fruitfull, but lots of fun with the girls anyway~~


Other pics of the sweater in action:

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