zondag 13 maart 2011

Japan disaster (suspending some blogposts, I'm so sorry)

As my days are currently haunted by images of the immense devastation in the north-east of Honshu, I've decided to suspend some planned posts untill I feel it's appropriate to carry on blogging merrily, it migth be tomorrow, it might be next week (definetly not longer than one week), but please cope with me. For me it just doesn't feel right to blog my egocentric, material interests right now.
Off course it doesn't help to get stuck in only this disaster and forget everything else that makes up my life but that's not in fact the case. I try to stay updated as I carry on with my life, and I read other people's blogs and it makes me smile so it's all good. But I would feel selfish to blog now, as my posts are generally egocentric and superficial.

People I know in Tokyo are alright, the rest of the people I know in Japan are from Kyushu so they are fine. Hisashi's family is fine aswell. Sadly the lady he currently lives in with had relatives in Sendai and she hasn't been able to contact them yet, I hope she will get a comforting mesage from her family as soon as possible.

My greatest worry, and supposedly that of anyone, is the situation with the nuclear plants that still don't seem to be in control. Emergency has been called in the area around another nuclear plant in Onagawa.

I'm also getting worried about the lightness with which the Japanese press and government respond to the nuclear issues, while the world's nuclear experts are left in the dark with the mixed, vague information, making guesses for effects much greater than those put out by the Japanese media. Off course this might be what you can expect from the Japanese media. And it's only good to try prevent causing chaos, as long as the actions taken by the professionals is sufficient

Other than that the Japanese government is handling it well, the use of the self defence forces and search and rescue teams seems to be going efficiently but sadly towns and cities have been whiped away and 10,000 people are missing from one town only.

Issues like the electricity that will be shut down and the supermarkets that are running empty, those are things that I trust the Japanese to be able to handle well and fast.

I'm SO sorry my sweet readers ;~; I will resume blogging within this week, I just need to feel like it's justified and I promise it's going to be cheerfull and fun!!

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