dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Japan: Me2~!!!

Finally my post about the Me2~!!!
Sad thing is I didn't take a lot of pictures, I never do because I'm too shy to ask people to give me their face for a picture :/ in the end I always just take random sneaky shots, it really sucks ;~;
But I've got puris and I'll randomly mix them in the post~

January the 8th of this year was the day, finally we were going to meet a bunch of gals in Shibuya!
We were so excited and even though we intended to be early, we were looking for breakfast and got lost :O
I was very nervous already but all this loss of time made me more nervous D:
Luckilly when we arrived on location we could find the smiling face of Sara Mari!
I was soooo happy to meet her and she's sooo sweet ♥
She also introduced us to the surprise camera crew! Very exciting :D

We weren't alone for long because other girls soon popped up and joined our group!
We also met Shiena who is SO cute and her style is really sexy!!
After talking a bit to mr Camera, we went shoppingggg!

As some girls were looking around in TutuHa Rox and I got all WeeEEEeeEoPoPOpoPoNiIiiIiIij when we saw Himena!
I already kind of hoped she would be working but I bet she wouldn't, but she was! and first we just started talking to eachother in Dutch like "omg it's Himena, omg omg omg she's so cuuuute~~~" and when it became obvious we went to tell her how cute she was (I think she already knew) and asked for a picture but sadly we couldn't take a picture. Nonetheless we stood there trying to communicate a little more and she showed us her nails and she asked us if our hair was hairset, well off course it's not ;D and she complimented us on it. Whaaaaaaaaa it was so exciting~~~~~~~~ She's so cuteeee T^T

Anyway, ahem. And opposite to TutuHa was JSG where I noticed the v-neck Union Jack sweater that I loved but didn't buy D: and after that day I crossed half Japan to find it again and it was nowhere to be found :( it was very upsetting (Later I found the sweater I bought at Vence).

The group split up at some point and Rox and I went shopping at Golds and Ma*rs and before we knew it it was time to gather at the entrance already!! D:

One of the girls at Golds was reeeeaaally sweet, she studied in Canada and spoke English really well, in general the people at Golds were really cool, it was a young and fresh vibe at the shop, (well..it was time sale so that might've helped) in fact in all Golds shops I've been the staff was really friendly. People at Ma*rs were a bit less easy to talk to but maybe they were shy and worried we wouldn't be able to speak Japanese...but in the end they helped me when I wanted to see how something looked anyway.

We went back down to meet the group but the group increased significantly~!! A bunch of stuper stylish ladies from Germany came to join the group :D
and we could go to Eggnam to finally take puris~!!!
I haven't been able to take puris with everyone but with lots of nice people anyway!!! They're great to remember that day~!!
These were some puris we took with the wonderful Theresa and we told her we wanted to try to meet Boggy Peak cir in Germany oneday soon :D When we've discussed it with the group we'll contact her right away~!!!

After Purikura the camera crew suggested us to go for Karaoke on their expence well, who'd say no to that?! it was great fun and everyone was so friendly~!!
And we heard the cute Tricia Isabela sing
OMG girl's got the voice of an angel *o* we were really impressed.
the duet with her BF was super cool too, it's like they're professionals~!!

After all that Rox and I went for puris once more with Shiena and Sara Mari.
And Shiena took us around Shibuya for a bit more, it was so lovely to meet her really~
It was a lovely day but the packed days we had been having really made us really tired and the next day we would have to go back to Kyoto by bus :(

It was a great day, one of the best days I had this year so far and the best day of my trip to Japan by far!
It was fabulous to meet all of these gorgeous gals and I really hope I can meet everyone again oneday~!!!

Last is an outfit puri of Rox and myself we took right before the meet (before breakfast..we didn't have breakfast at all that day~)

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