dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Japan: Kyoto, AvantiXFismy.

This post is about the day we went to Avanti.
It's a mall in Kyoto behind the JR station, Yumi told us about it and so we decided to go look for it.


Trying to find resources it seems Avanti is on bf1 to 2nd floor, 3rd to 6th floor is Fismy but I think Fismy is owner of Avanti? I'm not sure, so sorry for my lack of expertise. All in all the building sais AVANTI but officialy I think we're going to actually focus on Fismy, floor-wize it has the most interesting shops.

This mall is a great, easy accesible (socially) place where you'll find a hand full of our 109 brands (like Lizlisa, Tralala, Cocolulu, Lip service, Shake Shake, Moussy and Spiral Girl) and a lot more gal brands that don't have such a big name, but a great look.
The building's getup is not as charming as 109, Opa or Parco, instead the layout looks a bit aged, but you're going there for the shops' content and not the architecture of the mall.

On what I think was the second floor there was a big open spot of which the destination might be constantly changing. When we visited this place was the home of a big Tralala sale shop with sales lined up according to price and a lot of lucky bags lined up.
Here's their cute shopstaff.
I bought my Tralala black and pink OP there.

A few floors up was the actual Tralala store where Rox bought the cutest earrings
another shopstaff lady
on the pics the colors don't come out best but, the Tralala shopstaff are ADORABLE with their little stickers on their face and adorable curls.
Really cute!

On the 5th floor was a big shoestore, Nustep outlet.

Which is where I bought my lilac engineer boots.
But really I just broke my heart over these
they were in great sale but I didn't fit ;~;
They're Ma*rs ripoffs from last season and I will be making a separate post about this REALLY soon, please look foreward to it.

All in all I've bought wayy too much on that day, 3 OP's and these extentions and boots
Cuz Rox tought me how to get my hair really straight, I bought these straight extentions, but I still gotto learn how to blend them with my still slightly poofy thick hair, so sorry for pics where it doesn't blend well~

Find fismy here. Currently Avanti's homepage will redirect you there too.


After shopping we had bear donuts at mr Donut!
Look at those cute bears!!

Next post: The Shoes~!! Please let me have this scoop please please please T^T

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