maandag 31 januari 2011

Japan: The Hat

So! the hat~!!

The day Rox went blonde we were attracted to a shop hidden from sight at the second floor somewhere..they were advertising and it looked promissing.

Digging in a box filled with hats and other items for about 500yen Rox found this hat.

I was immediately in love with the hat and even though I couldn't try it on myself (my hair was too big) I insisted anyone that would come across it must have immediately thought to buy it..however, to my luck, Rox did not seem to intend to buy it, instead she bought a cute enormous black furry hat. Please show the world that hat Rox T^T.
Eitherways! I got the hat and since then tried to wear it every occasion I had XD
you will be seeing a lot of that hat!


I get a LOT of reactions to that hat. When I was in Japan EVERYONE that served me, I mean waitors, shopstaff, ticket people, stewardesses and anyone, also random people, EVERYONE said they liked my hat. People might say they think it looks like do you call that? train person XD, or police hat or french army hat.

Later I found out the resemblance to this hat here
Some kind of painkiller? and that guy are quite alike, I know

In Holland the reactions are mixed, some people like it, but some, mainly guys, think it's riddiculous..
well you can laugh at my hat but then don't drool over my legs thank you :/

recent outfit with the hat

But when I have access to my other comp you're gonna see this hat in it's best form I promise XD

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