dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Bye Bye Ed!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tomorrow my best amigo Rox is heading for Japanland!
in order to study textiles in Kyoto :)

I will be missing my amigo in crime, Rox was one of the most if not THE most active gyaru in the Netherlands, she organized lots of meetings and she was the heart of our cir HYPER.
She is very good at finding things for galstyle in our normal dutch shops, aswell as finding bargains on eBay ;) The queen of eBay, or shopping in general, she was also great at makeup and deco! Especially making nails! She made some really nice nails for me, I like them so much but I'm scared to break them if I wear them ;~;
Her style became great over the last year.
And beside a great style stimulation, she is also a valuable friend to me, that was able to pick me up in times I felt kinda lonely.
I hope I've been of any use to you too Ed ;)

I know I will be missing this girl sooo much! But I'm trying my best to make it so that I can visit her in winter :D

For her updates from Japan, about her life there, and surely some style updates too :)
I suggest you visit
Rox in Japan

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Shopping in Berlin

Short update from Berlin :D
Even though I only went shopping for like 1 hour, I saw a LOT of nice things.
Sadly all of these were not in my size, sizing is a bit different here, I might need a bigger size than I do in the Netherlands (which is not surprising, the biggest people in the world..)
some stuff I tried on and didn't fit (pants, blouse and shoes).
(well, I do fit the shoes but the fit isn't comfortable for walking, they would slip off easily)

and my jacket I boughhhhttt ♥

zondag 22 augustus 2010

Gal picknick

Yayyyy picknick was funnnnn

Rox the kitchen meister came over to my place so we could make some cupcakes for the meetup :)
it's like a town of cupcakes
the cupcakes slept in my fridge

Our number is always small on meets when they're not collaborated ones, but it's nice when it's a bit intimate, it's easyer to chat anyway.

Pics I stole from Debbie who makes such pretty pictureeeees!!Photobucket

pic Rox made

Some girls stayed for dinner, and even though we intended to go to wagamama, halfway there we decided to come down to my place and have dinner there.
once again Rox proved her meisterschaft in the kitchen

 photo Foto0838.jpg  photo Foto0833.jpg  photo Foto0857.jpg  photo Foto0844.jpg

Please wait for a closeup post on the hairstyles I made for this one :)

woensdag 18 augustus 2010


since we only have about 6 attendees atm
Gal Picknick!!
and bring cookies!!!

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010


I've been busy, but here's a couple of outfit shots

and a cute outfit I noticed at NewYorker

woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Monkey see monkey do.

(credit for scan goes to cherrypop I love this blog for inspiration)
Et voila, the way I'd do it.

maandag 9 augustus 2010


a couple of outfits.
first these 2, which have the same base.
both of these dresses were 5 euros, flowers from C&A and stripes from H&M (almost everyone bought that dress on the last meeting :o)

and this, featuring some stuff I ordered on TaoBao (and the camwhore that is me ♥)
some of you might know the faceshot from my facebook, I tried a bit different make, bit more droopy eyes..
in the next I added a clip in fringe
(I don't look like myself, in the top 2 shots I look like myself)
as you can see, the color of my new extentions is a little too dark for my general haircolor, but almost identical to my natural color (dark ash blonde, or gray, to some). And I think gray is kinda sexy, so I'll think about letting my hair grow out..but it's tough, people don't considder it blonde and I love being blonde, when I stop being blonde I stand out a lot less and I feel less confident..but..the things we do for fashion..

We'll see!!

dinsdag 3 augustus 2010


A little hairspam

Here's my friend Jessica when we were in the park
Jessica has the perfect length of hair and layers for making a suji style without too many complications
The following shots were too bright so I had to turn the saturation up a little which makes her hair appear a bit yellow, but it's not! her hair is gorgeous whiteblonde.
The point here is to use heated rollers (can't stress this enough) and taking them out one by one, teasing the hair and dividing it in strands (not too thin). After positioning the strands exactly the way you want them, spray them, you can still mould the curls the rollers produced, by just pulling the strands in the desired position and spraying it.
This is pretty much impossible to do to your own hair, or at least..at the back it's very difficult...

This is the style I made on Rox
the discipline at large is exactly the same, but because Rox's layers are longer it comes out different (taller and falling more) than on Jessica.
Thank you Rox for the pics :D

My friends cherishingly nicked me the hairmeister, and if that's my name, that's something I want to live up to ♥

this is my own hair from the side
(lol @ dirty Ed in the background)
a lot more messy but very poofy. Like I mentioned before, it's because I can only concentrate on 180 degrees of my head (and I am in need of a cut), however I intend to perfect my selfmade style aswell as styles made on others..
People often ask me to make tutorials, and I do mean to, I just have to find the right occasion because for the moment, none of the requirements for making a tutorial can be met. All I can do now is say this: invest in heated rollers and get layered hair. The good thing about these rockhard sprayed styles is that you don't need to fear wind or even a bit of rain..

Now for some Charliewatching. Can you spot me?
Pic stolen from Juliette. sorry for stealing ;~;

maandag 2 augustus 2010

Gal weekend part deux

Sunday the weather was forcasted to kind of suck, even though it turned out quite alright.
after sleeeeping like bears in my house, and watching disney channel, doing hairmake etc.
We decided to go to the park for a picknick.

So sorry we couldn't attend to the meeting in the Hague, but we were tired and because of the weather (and money) we thought we'd be better off staying in Amsterdam.

my outfit

the girls, being stinky in yesterday's outfit ;)
(Jessica's hair = my work ♥ and my best work yet if I may say so)

For more photos click to be linked to our facebookgroup and stay tuned on more on the hairstyles I made this weekend.

Gal Weekend

This weekend we had a meeting here in my gorgeous hometown of Amsterdam :D organised by Shebooya circle. The meeting was innitially set up because Monica Tang from monicatang.com was visiting. So we met her, she's so cute and a really nice girl ♥

Rox and I planned to twin, even though our twin outfits somehow didn't really hit people's eye as much as we hoped (must be the fact our hair is so different)
I made both of our hairstyles, in fact they are supposed to be the same, but because when you work on someone else's head you can concentrate on the other 180 degrees, somehow the style became less poofy from the front, but a lot more gorgeous on the back, I'll display this later. Please look foreward to it.
Eitherways, view our heads and poof of doom
and our gorgeous nails Rox made for our twin outfit ♥
(and look at her deco omgggg)

We all went shopping and we went for dinner at Wagamama, where the manager was a great guy and he gave Rox a lot of info for when she's visiting Japan.

After that we took it to Arc for cocktails, sadly many people had to get away early to catch a train home and Monica was tired so she went to sleep rather, cuz the next day was beachmeeting!

Rox, Renate, Jessica and I stayed in Arc for a while and the girls crashed at my place afterwards.

I didn't take a lot of pics and I definetly don't want to steal other people's photos so heres a few pics of the HYPER members.