vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Undergarments revealed

Hey 52 followers :D
Also, thank you Tomo from fuckyeahwesterngal on tumblr for listing me :D I'm so flattered ♥

now this outfit
which doesn't seem that special, but I wanna basicly show you the use of good underclothes..(lilac is a too subtile color to point this out with, but I'm aiming on the lace top under the black top)
When I first got into gal I remember Egg was really stressing the use of bright colored triangle bikinis that peaked out from under some types of garments (In summer of course). Sadly a recent use isn't easy to find but here's one..
though not excecuted that nicely.
The Japanese seem to be trained in underclothes, even in the hottest weather you'll find them sporting a white tank or tee (or something in between) under their otherwize strapless or thin strapped garments. It might be the sun or they're scared of sexy or maybe it's just their culture wearing layers..but still, to me this is like socks in sandals, it really turns me off
Ma*rs on the other hand took it up a notch showing their bras rather.
(Last year's ma*rs) I love it, I just don't think I'd dare take it out of the bedroom.

Feels like I'm just pasting pics and building a story around them but what I'm trying to say is, undergarments, use them well U_U

dinsdag 27 juli 2010

some answers and been out shopping

Still messing with the layout, I don't have the 'expand widgets template' box and Rox told me it only works with her when she uses one of the standard templates..and since I refuse to give up my hardworked layout I'll let it be for a while, the purpose was to be able to reply to comments, I wanna talk to you guys! but for now I'll just do it in this way:

Firstly! thank you so much! Hana from Finding Tokyo for listing me in your weelky wrapup :D I'm honoured

Keely Valentine! About coolcat and whether or not they have a website, they do! coolcat.nl. it has an online shop but it doesn't list that many and not the most interesting pieces.

To color the post, here's some pics of things I came across lately
kind of like the MA*RS print with the zebra and roses like that (local store)
I just love that cardigan thing too much, I just love that color ♥ (Vero Moda)
THIS, they had an even cuter one, kind of tunic like with the same print, but when I asked for the price they said, "that's 89, wait is this the short one? the short one is 69" and that's a bit much for this..it's just not worth it.
sad though, I'd have done it for half that price and it would be perfect in winter with that print. (market)

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

mexico fiesta

woo yesterday we had our long awaited Mexican themed party with some of our HYPER AMIGOS~!! Yeahh..

Ed made a gorgeous cake and beside gorgeous it was also DELICIOUS
and we had fun playing Samba di Amigo and did some chatroulette but actually we used omegle. Eitherways, lots of penisses, no Mexicans :(

le fit du out~
Photobucket photo march2257.jpg  photo march2262.jpg photo march2272.jpg  photo march2280.jpg photo march2304.jpg

woensdag 21 juli 2010

Here at mars, we're really serious.

At Ma*rs they're really serious..
I was browsing their blogs backwards, hoping to find a trace of their shoes I saw in 2008 (but their blogs only go back one year) when I came across this picture.
I thought this was funny, a pole sticking up a manequin's butt is pretty funny. Especially when the pole sneakilly finds it's way under their frilly mise pants.
Hoping for some sense of humor among the Ma*rs staff I tried to read the next sentence, sadly it only said "and the back has many glittery pink buttons."
Maybe it's just me thinking this is funny, I can immagine if you work with manequins with poles up their butts all day every day you won't giglesnort if you see this..

also, outfit!
as you can see I put a pink ribbon in the rings of these shorts.
and I've been abusing this cardigan for every thinkable outfit XD

dinsdag 20 juli 2010


Well, phew, I've been trying super hard to change my layout in such a way that I could get a sidebar (to make the blog a little more transparent) and since I'm really really not farmilliar with HTML it took me long and it's still a little messed up and IE and firefox both show different defects in the layout BUT I'm proud :)

zondag 18 juli 2010


I hunted these shorts down after being as stupid as not to buy them the time I saw them first, ever since, I've mobilized lots of people to check their local Coolcat or Wonder Woman to find them for me, myself I've checked 4 more of their locations here in Amsterdam, in Rotterdam and in Amstelveen. Rox and Josephine have put enormous efforts for me to obtain these but finally, today I made a call to Schiphol airport's Wonder Woman and they reserved an M for me, even though I always play it safe and grab an L, this was what they had left and this is what I tried on, fit and bought. And this time, half price <3
The picture shows a little pale but the stitches are gold, so are the rings on the ribbonside and the button is gold with a big rhinestone in the middle. It's dark denim with sparkles! I'm so happy they're finally mine <3 I'll go out tomorrow to buy several colors of ribbon (well, pink and lavender) to be able to replace that every now and then.

And also, kudos to Coolcat, they have a lot of great items, they're really worth the visit, they also had a type of dark denim shorts with gold stitches which was a little longer (down and up) with a crossed lace back.
I hardly ever go in their stores but from now on I'll be paying them visits all the time.

vrijdag 16 juli 2010

project lilac


the result! I'm not sure yet how to coordinate this, it can be done in that kind of sexy way but it can look mature and neutral with a twist aswell.

you'll be the first to see :D

I recently ordered some things in purple shades online :D exciting!

And I'm scheming on something new customized lilac.. so stay tuned

zaterdag 10 juli 2010


Been shopping!
and I got a lot of gifts lately too, let me introduce the gifts first
these were gifts from my Korean friend to express his gratitude for us letting him stay here, though I have a lot of trouble accepting gifts, I was really happy with these items :)
He also brought me bbcream and a chocolate mirror from Korea, so cute!
these are some items my mom gave me when we went shopping together, she's on vacation now and I miss her :(

this is what I bought myself :D by chance I stumbled across these nice lilac things
Reminding myself of project lilac! I'll show you the result soon :)

also, new lashes Rox ordered and we shared :D
we got lots of underlashes now, can't wait to check them out sometime next week when meeting Reiko with some other HYPER members..

oh and, today's outfit

I'm sure most of you check everyday_gyaru on LJ right? so you won't mind if I don't always spam my ass here...this is for the other outfits that don't make it to the bigger audience :) nonetheless if you'd like to check back on some outfits, I can really recommend you to go to
the website of the galcircle HYPER I'm in, in my membertag you can find nearly all photos I ever posted on everyday_gyaru, it'll save you the trouble of tracking back on LJ
Beside that, you can see photos of our members, meetings and nice people we met.
So if you have time, let us introduce HYPER at http://www.hyper-gals.tk

zondag 4 juli 2010


Ah! some turbulent weeks have passed, swinging between too busy to blog and not busy enough to blog!
But in the meantime I've been shopping
got new lenses
tried to be fabulous supporting Holland (look orange)
supporting Japan
and even trying to be fabulous early in the morning

I came back here to this blog and found my followers to have doubled, no, more than that so thank you!! :D It's so nice to have followers XD
I bet it's because I was featured in here: http://eleanorzine.blogspot.com/ so I'm sure the majority of you have seen it but I'd like to revere :)