vrijdag 17 december 2010

post of all trades~

Today's post is a bit full of things, I will curse myself for making these in one post as soon as I run out of subjects but...you now, 7 years of richery 7 years of poor..ho ho ho merry christmas XD

So here's a little update on what happened to Holland today
and all the traffic was yet again completely down, recordbreaking trafficjams, trains, planes, busses, you name it, everything stopped.

Luckilly I went shopping yesterday already~ And got most of my gifts
(And I passed my conversation exam for those interested~ Huzzah!)
So anyway, the swag
Undies, pajamas, tights and a bracelet, that was so cheap the bra can never be comfy but this one is meant for taking off ;P

And now! The outfit I wanted to try out since a month ago, and couldn't wait to share, that's why I let it pass another outfit post.. here it goes!
I was very pleased~
That blouse really made the outfit though, anyone will look great in that one.
In fact it was my mom's and she got it at some second hand shop back in the day (meaning before I was born)..So it's actually starting to kind of fall apart, though I intend to fix that because I LOVE and NEED that blouse, it's wonderfull.
Off course the day I wore that there was no snow, and I didn't need to go by bicycle..yesss

7 opmerkingen:

  1. The outfit is cute~ So perfect for winter yet still so stylish! I did not expect that top to have been from so long ago. :O

  2. Oh you are right! This outfit is so perfect!! It really looks great, I wish I could look so beautiful in that outfit style as you XD

  3. Waaahhh~ wat een leuke outfit :3
    Dat broekje en die panty zijn zoo schattig en alles is perfect bij elkaar gecombineerd ^^

    En ja het weer gister was echt gestoord weer *-* Ik wilde juist shoppen, maar durfde het niet aan om de trein te nemen. (wat eigenlijk ook gwn niet mogelijk was want ze reden niet ~.~)

  4. Je outfit is echt supertof! ^^
    Die gekochte bh ziet er ook heel mooi uit trouwens. :)

  5. Such a cute outfit!! I love the splash of pink. ^__^

    And yay for passing your exam and sexy underwear! xD

  6. Dear Charlotte

    We're akane and rosie from StudioTO, we're graphic designers/artists we follow your blog, we read about you and the girls from Me2 , was really lovely and gave us inspiration to do a little gift for you and some other girls.
    Here's the link to the gift (http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/6586/235698.png)its an illustration inspired in this oufit of you, hope you enjoy it.

    Hope you don't mind, we featured a little sample in our blog.