maandag 13 december 2010

half make up~

Dear peopleeee ♥

I'm so sorry I was unable to post in the last couple days, I was suuuper busy with papers and now exams are coming, yes it's a busy time :/

I wanna thank everyone that commented to the last entry! I feel very encouraged to try arrange a meetup. Dear Sara Mari, thank you so much for your offer, you will be hearing from me cuz I'm so sure your perspective can help me make a fun meet!
Now, I can say semi-surely that this meeting will take place in the weekend of the 8/9th of January..I hope that's allriiiight TToTT

other than that, today will be a boring post with only one picture:
my half makeup face ^^;;
When I came home after going out yesterday (well the day before yesterday but..) I decided to take half my makeup off to see what it looked like. well, this is what it looks like.
Ah! my eye is so smallll ;~; I didn't know that U_U
But this is my makeup at it's most extreme because I guess I have 3 levels of makeup.
level 1, popteen style, no liner (and sometimes no lashes) under the eye and thin long lashes on top
level 2, most often used, liner on both lids and balanced under lashes
level 3, extremely droopy, using upper lash cut in half as an underlash, as you can see above.

I hope to be more consistant posting...cuz I lost a follower ;~;

5 opmerkingen:

  1. BB! I miss you so much ;~; soms heb je van die momenten waar je je opeens realiseerd dat je iemand heel erg mist, en dat kreeg ik voor een of andere vage reden door deze post xD Misschien is het je half makeuploze gezicht, of de achtergrond van je huis met de trap, idk xD Maar gelukkig zie ik je snel weer, over zon 2 weekjes :)
    Looooovin' the makeup btw

  2. Yes!!! That weekend will be perfect for me! ^__^ I seriously cannot wait! ♥

    And it's always so interesting to see what someone looks like without make-up. I think you still look beautiful! :3

  3. It's amazing how much makeup can do to your eyes! You still have such pretty features though. :3

    Good luck on your exams!

  4. Woah, wat een enorm verschil zeg! :O Je make-up oog ziet er echt tig keer groter uit zo.

    Maar ik vind je level 3 qua make-up echt zo mooi staan, en ook zo mooi gedaan! ^_^

  5. I'll make a note in my blog to the Tokyo Gals, hopefully quite a few will come. 8th or 9th sounds good to me (although I may be jet lagged).