woensdag 29 december 2010

zondag 26 december 2010

Christmas outfit

my outfit for christmas dinner.

I'm heading for Japan tomorrow and I'm SUUUUPER busy but I wanna thank Rox and Sara Mari SO much for getting this meet on it's feet while I was busy ♥♥♥
People that are interested please go here

dinsdag 21 december 2010


First of all! Thank you 250 followers :D that's a nice present for christmas, to have 250 followers :)

Now, this was an outfit from a while back and it was really just trown together. I wanted something stylish, warm and easy for going out.
but the hair is nice :)

Now my exams started so I'm not sure whether I'll post more this week..
in that case please wait for me to post at Christmas, my last post before heading for Japannn~

maandag 20 december 2010


Been shopping!
a long time back actually, I didn't realize I hadn't posted it here but when I uploaded a pic of my new shoes from my phone I noticed these pics.

It's some pics from windows and in shops and stuff, just some noteworthy items I wanted to share :)

So first, these cute nordic print items from Lady Sting
Those tights especially :o

this pic is about the coord on the right side, I thought it was really sexy. But the leopard coat thing is pretty cool too :D
I think this was from Morgan

This hime-esque dress from Vila :D it's so pretty
I would've bought it if I wouldn't already have the perfect hime dress <3

And some cute but slightly unpractical purses from Primark~

I take it most of these items are still in store, the purses and hime dress are more recent so there's no doubt they're still available. I'd be really happy if someone would get that dresssss ;~; cuz it's so gorgeous but also because I need more hime sisters ♥

New bag I bought, I needed a big one that can stand some rain or snow~
and to match that nice little chain there ;D

and last but not least my new shoes for the snow <3
Snowshoes are kinda hard to obtain lately and I was looking for white or silver ones like the ones I had, but these are cute too <3
I tried searching online but I need them NOW not in 2 weeks :/

vrijdag 17 december 2010

post of all trades~

Today's post is a bit full of things, I will curse myself for making these in one post as soon as I run out of subjects but...you now, 7 years of richery 7 years of poor..ho ho ho merry christmas XD

So here's a little update on what happened to Holland today
and all the traffic was yet again completely down, recordbreaking trafficjams, trains, planes, busses, you name it, everything stopped.

Luckilly I went shopping yesterday already~ And got most of my gifts
(And I passed my conversation exam for those interested~ Huzzah!)
So anyway, the swag
Undies, pajamas, tights and a bracelet, that was so cheap the bra can never be comfy but this one is meant for taking off ;P

And now! The outfit I wanted to try out since a month ago, and couldn't wait to share, that's why I let it pass another outfit post.. here it goes!
I was very pleased~
That blouse really made the outfit though, anyone will look great in that one.
In fact it was my mom's and she got it at some second hand shop back in the day (meaning before I was born)..So it's actually starting to kind of fall apart, though I intend to fix that because I LOVE and NEED that blouse, it's wonderfull.
Off course the day I wore that there was no snow, and I didn't need to go by bicycle..yesss

woensdag 15 december 2010

Little tail on the Tsukicon posts.

Ya I know it's old news but I gotto list it, even if it's only for my own memory XD

It's not much but I wanted to show you some of these pics that the lovely Monica shared a while back.

With Viivi, me, Monica and Eilish

and with my twin Ingvild of course!

And I was in the groupshot, where am I :D yes, in the dark muhahahaha~

and the little video you've all seen :) no doubt. I tried to put it here but it seems to have been claimed, again XD oh well, I hate my voice in there..and why was my English so confused XD
so it's for the best ;)

maandag 13 december 2010

half make up~

Dear peopleeee ♥

I'm so sorry I was unable to post in the last couple days, I was suuuper busy with papers and now exams are coming, yes it's a busy time :/

I wanna thank everyone that commented to the last entry! I feel very encouraged to try arrange a meetup. Dear Sara Mari, thank you so much for your offer, you will be hearing from me cuz I'm so sure your perspective can help me make a fun meet!
Now, I can say semi-surely that this meeting will take place in the weekend of the 8/9th of January..I hope that's allriiiight TToTT

other than that, today will be a boring post with only one picture:
my half makeup face ^^;;
When I came home after going out yesterday (well the day before yesterday but..) I decided to take half my makeup off to see what it looked like. well, this is what it looks like.
Ah! my eye is so smallll ;~; I didn't know that U_U
But this is my makeup at it's most extreme because I guess I have 3 levels of makeup.
level 1, popteen style, no liner (and sometimes no lashes) under the eye and thin long lashes on top
level 2, most often used, liner on both lids and balanced under lashes
level 3, extremely droopy, using upper lash cut in half as an underlash, as you can see above.

I hope to be more consistant posting...cuz I lost a follower ;~;

dinsdag 7 december 2010


(Little message on our planned trip to Tokyo on the bottom of the post)

These days are so busy that I can't squeeze in time to shop easily and I have to make choices: do I wanna go to this shop..or that shop..?
Therefor it helps to check the different shops' inventory online beforehand.

What I noticed was that this shop New Look (one more of those lovely shops from GB that took a chance on Holland) has the cutest accesories!

So just sharing some here, not in any particular order and sadly the aparrel was not that inspiring (hardly any color), I couldn't build an outfit out of it.

These hats omg, I know the mini-hat trend died out in 2009 but these are just too precious.
Sexy buckle bracelet kinda thing and these cute decorative fingerless gloves, they also come in white btw
Cute rings.
And a cute nordic skirt, lacey tights and cardigan with ribbons :)

As it is I still don't know if I'll be going there, New Look I mean, as it's an hour from here by train :/
and I only have a couple of hours on friday for shopping (gifts, stuff, bla)

In other news, I've been able to arrange accomodation in Tokyo :)
Rox and I were actually thinking..it might be cool to gather a LOT of western gals, kind of like a meet-up, when we're in Tokyo. We've done meet-ups here in the Netherlands before. And after Tsukicon, which was a wonderful experience: meeting many different people, this idea became kind of like a dream to me ^^;;
Opinions? anyone's opinion is valuable :) so if this is a bad idea, attempting a 'meet-up' kinda thing, I trust someone will let me know :)

Thank you!

zondag 5 december 2010


Today was this Dutch holiday, so I decided to make some big hair.
and my face, why? i dunno..
And I finally tried to make a video of making it, the hair I mean. but all the time my memorycard space was suddenly gone..and I bet it comes out kinda sucky..but we'll see.

Actually I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be the one showing you, I mean, who am I?
I used to feel more comfortable as a gal, I kinda lost my confidence as the community became less and less intimate... and I think I miss my amigo too much U_U

Also, speaking of the amigo :D odds are we WILL visit Tokyo, together, somewhere in January. When our plan really is concrete there will be more on it posted here or on Rox's blog. We wanna meet as many people as possible!!!

donderdag 2 december 2010

Recent buys.

hat:tourist shop (about 15 euros)
pants: market :D (about 15 euros) I needed extra pants cuz this is a colllld winter!
legwarmers: C&A, (about 10 euros) last ones D: I got them from the window, I found out about them too late and went to alll C&A's around to get them :/ and I got them :D
Tail (false):Monki (6 euros) :D I don't mind fur too much but I do feel a bit cruel buying it..luckilly I found this false one, grey, plushy and ugly..but 6 euros :)
glove thingies: V&D (Sasha too) 12 euros. I'm so happy and warm and they match my bag :D

Thank you! Commenters on the last post :) I'll be contacting people that can meet through private channels later thank you so much <3