vrijdag 12 november 2010


Hello amigossss
Tonight I'm heading for Helskini!
Omg I'm so nervous thoouuughhhhh!

Let me introduce 2 little schemes for my outfits (they are not EXACTLY what it is, but it gives an idea)

Photobucket Photobucket
I think I'll wear them in this followorder..

Those who've seen me a lot will know this is just recycling old outfits, but I really couldn't find anything better. I hope it's gonna work out, and usually my hair makes the outfit~

Sooo, tonight we'll be going to the hotel, I'll have to pick up my tickets at the ticket office in the morning tomorrow, I'll just take it a little easy
Please don't fret to say hi to me or even better, adopt me for a while XD
I'm there to meet people and see the events!

Aaaaanyway bb's I hope I'm gonna see lots of you and have the guts to talk to the people I recognise and let's have a lot of funnnn!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Awesoooooome! Ziet er goed uit, ik ben benieeeuuuuhieeeuuuuwd :D
    Heeeeeeeeeeel veel plezieeeer ! <3
    (En random lol, de woordverificatie voor dit bericht is piess :'))

  2. have a great time out there! I'm sure you will love fabulous!

  3. Echt ontzettend veel plezier toegewenst daar! :D
    Je schema's zien er veelbelovend uit, ik vind vooral de eerste mooi. En ik ben benieuwd naar het totaalplaatje. ^^

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous~ <3