maandag 15 november 2010

Tsukicon day 1

First I wanna say thanx to all the people that made this weekend sooo nice! All the girls that talked to me and also all of the organisation because they worked so hard to put such a nice event together!

Sadly, I'm not much of a picture taker and this time the camera was on the bottom of my bag but I hope to trace some pics here and there online.

Soooo, day one, I was soooooooooo nervous and I was worried to be late or something might be wrong picking up my tickets (haha whyyyy, I'm such a nerve-wreck, you will see in this post)

I started the day off with nails
But my tights broke and when I had to put new ones on, about half my nails fell off and I gave up.
I'm really not good at wearing nails and the glue I brought sucked balls~

On the way from the ticketshop to the eventcenter it started raining but luckilly I suddenly saw Rebecca
there! Annnd, she said she recognised me from E_G and I was so happyyyyyy! And when her friends were ready they helped us find the event centre and we talked a bit, they are really sweet and I finally didn't need to feel nervous anymore.

Buuuut, anyway, we were there in time for the Yumachi & Aina Q&A. Even though it was all translated to Finnish, luckilly I picked up on some of the Japanese and Hisashi could translate for me so it wasn't in vain :).
Yumachi and Aina are sooo cute and I really wonder how Yumachi's hair stays perfect even after shaking her head or headbanging!
When the translator guy asked where all of us came from I tried to tell him I'm from Holland but what he heard was apparently something like...Estonia? or..Hungary? sooooo..I was sad and really shaky for talking so publicly XD

Buuuut, right afterwards the Fuji tv people (it was Fuji tv was it?, sorry if I'm wrong~) Came do a little interview with me so I felt encouraged and right after I ate a funny browny and talked to this really cute girl dressed from head to toe in JD!

Annnnd, when we were sitting, waiting for the fashionshow Suddenly a bunch of really cute girls from ViVACE cir came to say hiiii!
They are (flrt)Ella, Alina and Iisa. and I was SOOOO happy you girls came to talk to me and I'm so proud to know you're my readerssss ♥

Annnd, Monica found me! I was happy to see her again and I could meet Eilish, who also met my bestest amigo somewhere last month was it? So I was reminded that the other part of my brain is missing and was a bit sad. And I met Ingvild and we looked similar! It's sad I don't have the picture of this myself because it's pretty cool but when I retrace pics later I will be spamming in some random post.

The fashionshow was really nice :D The girls did really well and I loved many of the outfits!

Sadly I had to study for my Kanji exam (which I think I did really badly :/ it's a sad thing u_u but everyone said it was tough, so not just me) and that night I didn't join any dinner or party or anything, I was at the hotel with my book ;;-_-

If I got any links mixed up please let me know!! I wanna get it right.

For day 2 I really don't have any pics, only my outfit :/ soooo I'll be trying to steal some (borrow) when I find any online so it might take a couple of days but it will come!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. You look so beautiful, your coordinate was great! I'm glad to hear you could meet many people!

  2. aaaww you're so sweet! ♥

    it was really nice talking to you, sorry we didn't have time to say goodbye to you properly! so sad we might not see each other again! :<

  3. Wat zie je er toch weer prachtig uit! <3 Ik ben blij dat je het naar je zin gehad hebt :D
    Jammer dat ik er niet kon zijn voor je ;~; Maar wees niet getreurd, we zien elkaar weer sneller dan we denken! <3

  4. you're just soo cute! ♥♥ it was really really nice talking to you, you were so sweet and funny! :D just like alina said, it's sad we maybe won't see each other again. ;_; i miss you already :D

  5. You was so cute, i miss you! :<♥ Like alina and chinsa said, it was sooo nice to talk to you!
    Your hair and outfit was just too perfect.. *w*

  6. I was so happy to meet you! Monica has the picture, I hope I can get it soon and I will post it on my blog too :)

  7. HI there!
    Hope you had a save trip home!
    It was really nice to meet you, although we didn't get to talk much on the 2nd day :/
    maybe next time ;D

  8. Je ziet er echt prachtig uit en je outfit is echt heel leuk! :D

    (en misschien heeft Yumachi een enorm geweldige hairspray waardoor haar haar zo perfect blijft zitten? :p)

  9. I'm sorry I didn't have the courage to come talk to you Q_____Q You looked so amazing~ As always !!

  10. I hope we can meet again, too! Maybe I'll re-visit Amsterdam someday~ :3

    Of course you can borrow the photo. I actually meant to comment on this post right after posting it to say I posted a picture of you and hope you don't mind... xD But I forgot X__x

    And thank you for your kind words. ♥

  11. It was nice to meet you there! Hope we will meet next year in Amsterdam for party ! <3