dinsdag 30 november 2010

Grand news.

I've got some news :D
beside that it's been snowing :) which makes me happyyyy

There's this news
I've booked my trip to mon Amigo in Japannnnn :D

In other words,

from the 28th of December to the 21st of January I will be staying with Rox in Kyotoooooooooo

not only will I be reunited with my best amigo but I'll be sticking for a month, though I might make some train trips throughout the land when Rox is back in school ;~;.

SOOOOOOOO anyone staying in Kansai or planning to visit Kansai within that period

As it is I most probebly will not be visiting Tokyo, because I just don't like staying there alone, but I have some friends there so I *might* take a train there for a daytrip but that's not super likely to happen.

Rox and I wanna meet new people so anyone, COME HAVE FUN WITH USSS in Kyoto or Osaka or maybe Kobe or Nara...or anywhere else in the vincinity XD

not so related pic~

zaterdag 27 november 2010


an outfitttt~

and beside an outfit, I found this cool age line thing, I just don't remember exactly where I got it from :S I'm sorry, if you were responsible for this, let me know and I will make a reference. though I'm pretty sure I got it from LJ.. but..ya never know.
pic needs no words I bet
this is the base in case you wanna do it too :D
(click for larger)

donderdag 25 november 2010

Shopping at C and A

C&A is a cheap Dutch textiles chain that seems to have found it's way throughout Europe.
Since it's cheap and their image just kinda sucks I hardly ever go in there when I go shopping with friends :/ but I like the store personally, and their accesories are cute!

The other day I came across a TON of these nordic print dresses all over the store
(RxW, WxB, BxW)
Prices vary from about 12 to 25 euros.

Some cute accesories
They had a lot of Eiffeltower things. You might not be attracted now but you will be glad you bought them when spring comes out again~

And this coat!
Reminds me of that Muse Muse coat from that one outfit I just fell in love with..
shall I refresh your memory?
refreshed? alright :)

Keep your eyes open for some exciting news sometime soon on this blog! :D

maandag 22 november 2010

River Island

Yay!!! Passed 200 amigos here, thank you ♥!!!

The tsukicon posts will get a little brother sometime next week, but for now I'm a bit tired of posting my own face, so now for something completely different!

River Island!
One of my favourite shops that I've been neglecting to report on for months and months :o

Tadaaa, this is a cute and sexy coord that I'd go for myself, Mainly cuz those shoes are love ♥_♥
but those shorts could also go with a much more mature coord off course, with a jacket and some tough boots or something.

Another sexy little number I had to share with you ;)

This coord is not my personal style but when I came across this skirt by Chelsea Girl on their website I HAD TO make this coord. A little bit W♥C ish but a tad more elegant (though I'd strongly advise to buy the sweater in a large and bulky size, even if it were only to make your hips look slim and your legs look miles long.)
But fluffy boots would fix it to a bit more cute mode.. Maybe red ones to match the fingerless gloves..?
Also, this hat, I'm sure there's someone out there wanting to get that hat Q_Q

for some more cute hats from RI


And this dress, like the skirt, by Chelsea Girl, very sexy, very winter U_U

And this jacket, I don't know if this is Chelsea Girl too but, I thought it'd be nice to share, I'm sure this'd be great with a plain black coord (either a dress or shirt with jeans) Or something leopard with red and stuff!

Little household messages:

*Message to Anonymous: I've, unlike my habit, replied to you among the replies in the last posts, please be checking.

*Also, untill I've changed my layout to be capable of supporting Disqus to reply directly to comments, which I intend to do in the beginning of the new year, general questions can go on Formspring.

Thank you <3

donderdag 18 november 2010

Tsukicon day 2

On day 2 I wasn't that nervous at all! because day 1 had been so great, I was really looking foreward to the second day!
On top of that, my second day outfit was my favourite by far but the hair took some more work so I got up a little earlyer
The hair turned out well, cuz I've got my new layers and that's a lot nicer, and also a lot easyer to comb out, I don't swear half as much as I did before during taking it out.

back of my head, never great, but not that bad XD
front of my head
I was proud of my work!
So we went and had breakfast, I intended to buy new nailglue in a drugstore somewhere but all shops close on sundays OoO it's so surprising!
But I feel better without nails anyway cuz I can pick up my stuff comfortably :P

Soooo, we went to the event center in order to watch the little talk on gyaru that some of the gorgeous Finnish gals did..but I didn't get it, so I just watched the outfits, girls were looking nice :D but since I didn't pick up any words except 'bohemian' and maybe something that sounded like 'military' (which was merely a guess) it was a bit of extention of my sleeping time.. and eating a big muffin (Finland has the biggest muffins!)

After that it'd take about half an hour or so before the parapara show, and I wanted to watch that, and have lunch afterwards but after getting accustomed to the event center the day before and not seeing anyone farmilliar from the day before, I didn't know what to do! time was much too short to eat lunch beforehand but then I noticed Henna!
I recognised her from maybe everyday gyaru or blog-comment picture and I think her hair is so cute! and even though I was hesitating at first, I thought I should just go talk! And she's soooooo sweet and it was so nice to talk :) and her friends, Laura and Sanna (who has a super fab haircolor!) were so sweet too! I felt right at home :)
And I stole this picture from Henna's blog, as you can see.
I talked a lot to Laura too, she was such as sweet girl and we all watched the parapara performance together! All the girls in the performance did so well! really good work!
After the performance I went for lunch with Hisashi in some kind of all you can eat thing, pizza buffet? but that's really cool! We never have these things here in Holland, only dim sum buffet and it looks like it was a bunch of leftovers from a chinese orphanage :/
so that was cool!
And we passed the Moomin shop!
but it was closed :/ I was sad.

So then we headed back for the event center to join the line for the Yumachi and Aina gig :/ and the line was long and it took hours man, I think we were there for one hour or one and a half hour or so, and Monica and Ingvild and Eilish and Kristiina joined us in the line and under the little roof thingy cuz noone likes rainy hair (even though I found out just about 3 hours later that my hair is quite rain proof)
When finally we got in Hisashi took care of our coats and the gig was nice, I felt energetic (for my standard). Yumachi was so cute, but I was a bit sad Aina didn't kinda...try to curl her hair or anything XD not a look I'd go for for a gig. But it was so sweet they tried to speak english! And then they gave away postcards to people that were having a birthday and threw some posters in the crowd, I felt so silly to jump to get it but hey, you never know, you might catch it~ Like Ingvild did! lucky :D
On the end of the show Yumachi cried a bit and that was so sweeet! I felt teary too, and later Laura told me she cried too, that was so sweet~
After the gig Katrin said they needed 20 girls, and whenever there is limited people, you should follow! cuz it must be something good! So I followed and it turned out we were gonna do a couple of groupshots with Yumachi an Aina and there was gonna be a little interview with them and at some point they came to hug us and it was so sweet! ♥
In the dressingroom I had a little talk with Katrin and Rui and some more people, but it was much too short ;~;

It had all been really exciting and I was (and am) so sad it's over :(

Meeting all these sweet gals from Finland and other places in Europe and these nice performances. It was a really great time and I'm really still in a kinda sad mood that it's over. I hope things like this will occur again and I wanna talk to all the people that I didn't talk to yet XD and talk once more to the gals I already got to know a bit :D
I left Finland with a lot of inspiration! When I've had all my headlines I wanna do something with my HYPER gals ;~; I miss you ladies too and I've been letting you down! I'm so sorry U_U

and a little moomin

I really hope there will be more international events, I miss all you people!!! ;~;

If I didn't link to you, it means I couldn't find a link to you! so if you met me and you're sad now, please comment! I will link!!!! I'm a bit messy when I make a post and I had SO MUCH to tell!!

maandag 15 november 2010

Tsukicon day 1

First I wanna say thanx to all the people that made this weekend sooo nice! All the girls that talked to me and also all of the organisation because they worked so hard to put such a nice event together!

Sadly, I'm not much of a picture taker and this time the camera was on the bottom of my bag but I hope to trace some pics here and there online.

Soooo, day one, I was soooooooooo nervous and I was worried to be late or something might be wrong picking up my tickets (haha whyyyy, I'm such a nerve-wreck, you will see in this post)

I started the day off with nails
But my tights broke and when I had to put new ones on, about half my nails fell off and I gave up.
I'm really not good at wearing nails and the glue I brought sucked balls~

On the way from the ticketshop to the eventcenter it started raining but luckilly I suddenly saw Rebecca
there! Annnd, she said she recognised me from E_G and I was so happyyyyyy! And when her friends were ready they helped us find the event centre and we talked a bit, they are really sweet and I finally didn't need to feel nervous anymore.

Buuuut, anyway, we were there in time for the Yumachi & Aina Q&A. Even though it was all translated to Finnish, luckilly I picked up on some of the Japanese and Hisashi could translate for me so it wasn't in vain :).
Yumachi and Aina are sooo cute and I really wonder how Yumachi's hair stays perfect even after shaking her head or headbanging!
When the translator guy asked where all of us came from I tried to tell him I'm from Holland but what he heard was apparently something like...Estonia? or..Hungary? sooooo..I was sad and really shaky for talking so publicly XD

Buuuut, right afterwards the Fuji tv people (it was Fuji tv was it?, sorry if I'm wrong~) Came do a little interview with me so I felt encouraged and right after I ate a funny browny and talked to this really cute girl dressed from head to toe in JD!

Annnnd, when we were sitting, waiting for the fashionshow Suddenly a bunch of really cute girls from ViVACE cir came to say hiiii!
They are (flrt)Ella, Alina and Iisa. and I was SOOOO happy you girls came to talk to me and I'm so proud to know you're my readerssss ♥

Annnd, Monica found me! I was happy to see her again and I could meet Eilish, who also met my bestest amigo somewhere last month was it? So I was reminded that the other part of my brain is missing and was a bit sad. And I met Ingvild and we looked similar! It's sad I don't have the picture of this myself because it's pretty cool but when I retrace pics later I will be spamming in some random post.

The fashionshow was really nice :D The girls did really well and I loved many of the outfits!

Sadly I had to study for my Kanji exam (which I think I did really badly :/ it's a sad thing u_u but everyone said it was tough, so not just me) and that night I didn't join any dinner or party or anything, I was at the hotel with my book ;;-_-

If I got any links mixed up please let me know!! I wanna get it right.

For day 2 I really don't have any pics, only my outfit :/ soooo I'll be trying to steal some (borrow) when I find any online so it might take a couple of days but it will come!

vrijdag 12 november 2010


Hello amigossss
Tonight I'm heading for Helskini!
Omg I'm so nervous thoouuughhhhh!

Let me introduce 2 little schemes for my outfits (they are not EXACTLY what it is, but it gives an idea)

Photobucket Photobucket
I think I'll wear them in this followorder..

Those who've seen me a lot will know this is just recycling old outfits, but I really couldn't find anything better. I hope it's gonna work out, and usually my hair makes the outfit~

Sooo, tonight we'll be going to the hotel, I'll have to pick up my tickets at the ticket office in the morning tomorrow, I'll just take it a little easy
Please don't fret to say hi to me or even better, adopt me for a while XD
I'm there to meet people and see the events!

Aaaaanyway bb's I hope I'm gonna see lots of you and have the guts to talk to the people I recognise and let's have a lot of funnnn!