dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Yumachi & Aina

I'm sure most of you have seen this

Yumachi and Aina will be visiting a con in Finland.
I don't live in Finland, but I live in Europe and I'm trying hard to find a way to go there, off course I don't want to endanger my trip to Japan by spending too much money, so I'm still trying to find the most budgetty budget way and I hope that a bit closer to the date in question, I'll be able to get plane tickets for a bit less.
I realllly hope I can go there.
It makes me a little nervous though cuz, wow, we all know how good the gals in Finland look, and I'm actually really shy XD

Anyway, more on this later, I'm really excited about it so I wanted to say something about it here XD

8 opmerkingen:

  1. don't be so modest, you're an amazing gal! :D
    i might come and say hi to you in tsukicon if i dare to..

  2. i think u r much prettier than gals here in finland.

    just saying.

  3. just come no need to "fear" us..:D I bet there's many gals here who thinks u r a great gal! ^3^ atleast me..haha

  4. I think you'll fit right in with the Finnish gals~ you make such a wonderful gal!

    I'm pretty shy too, but in my experience meeting new gals has always been really fun!

  5. Your just as gal as the finnish girls! Do not worry.

    I so wish we had awesome festivals like those in europe.. I want them to come to Australia!

  6. Would you be able to train to a place close to Finland and then catch a plane?
    But your amazing too in you style!

  7. Oh come on, if anything we're going to feel intimidated in your gorgeous company! :3 I really hope you'll make it here ♥

  8. I'm looking forward to meet you there!!