zondag 24 oktober 2010

Thank you commenters!

First of all I wanna say thank you to all the commenters on the last entry :D I feel very encouraged to go to Finland and I'm reaaaallly almost sure now that I'm gonna go.

In times like this (as in any time really) I wish I could install Disqus or some other commenting service, cuz I wanna be more interactive and things, but then I'll have to change my layout and I don't want to just yet, I'm still tired of the last time I editted my layout

The other day I had to convince someone of my interest in gyaru. This person was only seeing the SUPER OBVIOUS, kind of ganguro-ish things (I felt bothered :/)
So what I did was, I pulled my old JSG vest and tan powder out of the closet and this was the result.
Eyemake was twice as thick as mine is lately
Sooo, person was convinced. I do want to use that vest thingy a bit more, I think it'll still work in a lot of black stuff..lemme work on it!

Oh! and I used my new eyebrowpencilll <3 omg I love it! I intended to take pics of my brows especially but the lighting was sucky so I couldn't use them for a report but JUST YOU WAIT

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like this "real gyaru" style haha!! I think the leopard print vest is really cute and easy to use. I also like the thicker eye makeup it looks good in the photos!

  2. Omg this looks great!Loving the fur and band! pretties

  3. you're so beautiful girl~!

    great to hear you've decided to come to finland! you're so great gal that you don't need to think about it if some finnish gals don't think you're "good enough". i'd love to come to say hi to you then but i don't know if i dare to... XD

    love the JSG vets btw! ♥ though i'm not what a JSG fan usually...

  4. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOOOOHOOOOOVE YOUR NEW MAKE-UP STYLE! <3 Prachtig! En yaay voor old-school gyaru :) Het blijft je gewoon geweldig staan, al trek je de zak van sinterklaas over je hoofd en knipt er een luchtgat in!

  5. Je ziet er weer amazing uit! :D
    Jouw oogmake-up is ook altijd zo perfect! <3 *jaloers*

    En nog een late reactie op je vorige bericht: Je hoeft helemaal niet nerveus te zijn wat je bent gewoon een supergave gyaru!
    (ik mag alleen maar dromen dat ik ooit na eeuwen oefenen zo goed de gyaru stijl beheers als jij... :P)

    Maar goed, genoeg geslijm voor vandaag. :')

  6. Wow, I love this look! <3 You should totally try full-blown manba, I think you'd be able to pull it off~