maandag 11 oktober 2010

outfit, again

The other day I had a little dinnerparty thing and wore
a silly little outfit with the wig on~
It looks maid-ish and it's a bit too booby (cuz of the suspenders and the big unbroken white space and the length of the waist of this skirt, my waist is only a short place)
would've been great with fitted high shorts or something but this way it comes out a little akward XD
but I'm showing you anyway, cuz it's fun!

And I wanna say Thank You :D to the sweet secret posters lately and my new followers!!
passed over 150 now <3

4 opmerkingen:

  1. black or blonde hair... all so lovely on you! the outfit looked playful and cute ^^

  2. Oh I understand what you are saying about shorts, but I think you look cute in this coordinate anyhow! I think the wig is perfect^^/

  3. Bruin is wel heel anders zeg! Maar het staat je erg leuk, en ik vind je outfit ook leuk. ^^