zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Gift nr.3 and some legwear

Gift nr 3! From my great friend Jerney, it's a D&G underwear set with zebra <3 I think I'll just wear the top as a top when I feel like it
I love D&G's underclothes (you know, Italian lingerie makes the best) and I love how D&G stores smell like Italy (coffee and aftershave).
It's really nice material and it really feeds my underwear love! I'm happyyyyy.

Now, some legwear that I found shopping
River Island doing everything I love them for, cute girly things like ribbons and lace and FINALLY tattoo tights there in the top middle.

AND these leggings from Wonder Woman, doing here (in black) what LizLisa did
Yes, the WW ones are lace too, just the pic sucks~

I really love nicely decorated legs under a skirt or shorts in fall.

1 opmerking:

  1. The zebra top is so cute, I think it will be great to wear as a shirt!

    I love legwear, there are so many cute ones in the picture! Will you get the lace ones with flowers? I think they would look so beautiful on you!