zondag 31 oktober 2010

Happy Halloween!

I had a little halloween party and a liiiittle costume
I went koakuma, how's that ^^;;

Monsters in my fridge
She-devil gwaaa (that drink is gross)
decoration and pumpkin faces.

That's all, for now! How was your Halloween?

zondag 24 oktober 2010

Thank you commenters!

First of all I wanna say thank you to all the commenters on the last entry :D I feel very encouraged to go to Finland and I'm reaaaallly almost sure now that I'm gonna go.

In times like this (as in any time really) I wish I could install Disqus or some other commenting service, cuz I wanna be more interactive and things, but then I'll have to change my layout and I don't want to just yet, I'm still tired of the last time I editted my layout

The other day I had to convince someone of my interest in gyaru. This person was only seeing the SUPER OBVIOUS, kind of ganguro-ish things (I felt bothered :/)
So what I did was, I pulled my old JSG vest and tan powder out of the closet and this was the result.
Eyemake was twice as thick as mine is lately
Sooo, person was convinced. I do want to use that vest thingy a bit more, I think it'll still work in a lot of black stuff..lemme work on it!

Oh! and I used my new eyebrowpencilll <3 omg I love it! I intended to take pics of my brows especially but the lighting was sucky so I couldn't use them for a report but JUST YOU WAIT

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Yumachi & Aina

I'm sure most of you have seen this

Yumachi and Aina will be visiting a con in Finland.
I don't live in Finland, but I live in Europe and I'm trying hard to find a way to go there, off course I don't want to endanger my trip to Japan by spending too much money, so I'm still trying to find the most budgetty budget way and I hope that a bit closer to the date in question, I'll be able to get plane tickets for a bit less.
I realllly hope I can go there.
It makes me a little nervous though cuz, wow, we all know how good the gals in Finland look, and I'm actually really shy XD

Anyway, more on this later, I'm really excited about it so I wanted to say something about it here XD

zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Gift nr.3 and some legwear

Gift nr 3! From my great friend Jerney, it's a D&G underwear set with zebra <3 I think I'll just wear the top as a top when I feel like it
I love D&G's underclothes (you know, Italian lingerie makes the best) and I love how D&G stores smell like Italy (coffee and aftershave).
It's really nice material and it really feeds my underwear love! I'm happyyyyy.

Now, some legwear that I found shopping
River Island doing everything I love them for, cute girly things like ribbons and lace and FINALLY tattoo tights there in the top middle.

AND these leggings from Wonder Woman, doing here (in black) what LizLisa did
Yes, the WW ones are lace too, just the pic sucks~

I really love nicely decorated legs under a skirt or shorts in fall.

maandag 11 oktober 2010

outfit, again

The other day I had a little dinnerparty thing and wore
a silly little outfit with the wig on~
It looks maid-ish and it's a bit too booby (cuz of the suspenders and the big unbroken white space and the length of the waist of this skirt, my waist is only a short place)
would've been great with fitted high shorts or something but this way it comes out a little akward XD
but I'm showing you anyway, cuz it's fun!

And I wanna say Thank You :D to the sweet secret posters lately and my new followers!!
passed over 150 now <3

donderdag 7 oktober 2010


Well, sorry for not posting too much, lately schoolwork is killing me dead nd stuff but now for an outfit.
Kinda mode inspired, which is not so much my style but just wanted to try.. sorta
With cardigan

maandag 4 oktober 2010

Natsumi Saito

The other day I walked into the Japanese bookstore here to find the november issue of Ranzuki, and I bought it, because it was the only recent gal mag they had. Even though I have never looked into Ranzuki, I never bought it and only once downloaded it but I think it's pretty ok, it's like popteen in many ways.
Eitherways today I wanted to take a break off my essay and made this drawing by tracing the face of this model, Natsumi.
the colors didn't come out as well on the picture, cuz in real it's pretty bright..
And as you can see Natsumi models for Diamond lash and here she is in their comercial thingie

I think this girl is soooo cute! not really all my style but soooo cute!

In case you haven't seen the Diamond Lash comercial vids yet, click the link to see the other 2. One with Ageha models and one with Chinatsu Wakatsuki.