maandag 20 september 2010

Undergarments revealed II

Or actually not revealed. Because in this post I’d like to talk about the aspects of underwear beside it’s great look.
When I go lingerie shopping I feel like I’m in a cake shop, lingerie shops are the only shops where I can find everything, exactly to my tastes, I have so much underwear that I had to put a stop on my underwear buying, cuz you could say, if I buy one pair of panties every time I go shopping, that’s 52 panties in a year.
But in the end, I’d say basically, if you have one week worth of panties and 3 bra’s, that’s supposed to be enough.
I'm sure most of you figured, that's; one normal/comfortable bra, one push-up and one strapless.


Personally I'll spend a lot on comfort and how it looks under my clothes, in fact I wouldn't buy a cheap bra for anything else than it's look on its own (discounts excluded).
It is said that many women wear the wrong bra size, either cup too small and cm too large or the other way around, but I think this is also dependant on the size of the boob's base. A girl can have fairly large breasts but with a rather small base (taking little space on the body) in this case they might hang easily, while a woman with the same cup size and a wider base, might have very perky breasts, but creating certain shadows we might desire in our cleavage from time to time ;) might be hard.


How do we relate this to the topic of my blog? beside from the word lingerie being in my header and lingerie being one of the few things in our western shops that unite pink and black (and frills and shiiine ♥).
In gal fashion, the point is usually on the legs, rather than cleavage, but thinking of kyabajou fashion, we can state the opposite, where most gowns are long but have a very deep neckline. My friend Debbie who once bought a kyaba gown online, told me the hips are veeeerry snug but the chest width was rather roomy.
We've heard Momoeri on several occasions (well 2 of my knowing..) mentioning the importance of accentuating and using the chest, as a lady, now, she can know, in her (former) profession, what our ladies mean to us ladies (to woo a man, I won't bother you with my theories on how actually we don't do it for men but for other ladies, in essence)

Mori chest super gal legend

Click the thumb! And thy shalt find a little photo I took from last year's Betty (yes, last year's ;~; I'm a sad gal).
These pages are about ways to mori your boobage. Now, my own boobage needs not to be mori'd but they have some interesting solutions, such as wearing 2 nubras (you know, those sticky..jelly bras, I believe I've seen this on Momoeri in some tv show years back~), wearing 2 (or supposedly a double?) bras. And then, the more DIY-ish tricks like taping them or using powder to create shadows.

Even if you don't need the tips, this is a great example of working with your body, and under your clothes, undergarments will do 50% of the work for you, all you have to do is choose them well.

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