maandag 27 september 2010

Gift nr 2!!

Today when I came home after a long and devestating day, I found this cute enveloppe on my computer, these were the contents:
3 little packages and a letter with shoes and cupcakes pasted on it :D
this could be the work of no other than LE ED, or popularly said, my friend Rox! Who I miss endlessly because she moved to Kyoto and left us all behiiiind T^T

BUT the gifts she sent me filled part of the emptyness.
To start out with the letter, that was very very sweet and made me feel really happy to have a friend like Rox :)
And what (prrrraparapampamparapampam) is behind door number one, two and three? :D

That's a mechanical pencil (thank you Sara Mari!), just what I need these days! because I'm asking everyone if they brought sharpeners, and noone did :/ and my pencil point is so flat that I can hardly make notes. Beside that, it's really cute!!
An eyebrowpencil. This one is VERY thoughtfull, cuz Rox knows about my hunt for a lighter eyebrow pencil so I can start making my eyebrows that bit more gal, this will be getting a REPORT some time soon!! This is a reaaaally good gift.
But even better must be the bow ring, because, one, it's sparkly and adorable, two, it matches my bow necklace! and matching things are so much better than unmatching things!
Have you seen my bow necklace on my birthday night outfit? well now I have a matching ring T^T that's the nicest everrrrr.

I'm so happy! I can feel Rox really picked the gifts thinking of my needs and likes, and that's worth much more than spending a lot of money or giving an amount of money. This is really for ME.

Now, I know I'm saying this all the time and it might seem like she is my sponsor but in fact no, I really enjoy reading Rox's blog and you might too so please click~

I love you Ed ;~;

2 opmerkingen:

    Omg ik ben zo blij dat je bliiiijj bent met de kadootjes :D
    Ik heb er indd redelijk veel overna gedacht :P Ik was eerst door heel Shijo opzoek naar een klein schattig lila kettingkje, maar de enige die ik vond die een beetje leuk was was 5000 yen ;~; en toen kwam ik deze ring tegen en ik dacht: OMG DIE MATCHED! <3 yaaaaaay! Je hebt heeeeeeeet :D makes me one happy amigo! I miss you tooooo ;~;

  2. Oh that is such a lovely and thoughtful package. I totally agree with you, gifts that are chosen with much thought and care are worth more than money.

    Oh and that type of pencil is called a mechanical pencil in english.