woensdag 21 juli 2010

Here at mars, we're really serious.

At Ma*rs they're really serious..
I was browsing their blogs backwards, hoping to find a trace of their shoes I saw in 2008 (but their blogs only go back one year) when I came across this picture.
I thought this was funny, a pole sticking up a manequin's butt is pretty funny. Especially when the pole sneakilly finds it's way under their frilly mise pants.
Hoping for some sense of humor among the Ma*rs staff I tried to read the next sentence, sadly it only said "and the back has many glittery pink buttons."
Maybe it's just me thinking this is funny, I can immagine if you work with manequins with poles up their butts all day every day you won't giglesnort if you see this..

also, outfit!
as you can see I put a pink ribbon in the rings of these shorts.
and I've been abusing this cardigan for every thinkable outfit XD

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Aww, i really like the outfit, it's cute and casual :3

    And I lol too when I see a mannequin like that :') butmeisters xD

  2. That pole sticking up the mannequin's behind is hilarious.

    And I'm loving the cardi you are wearing!

  3. this outfit is great! the skirt is so girly! i love it!