maandag 7 juni 2010


The other day I bought a lilac shirt for less than 10 euros! and the plan was to customize it inspired on this jumpsuit, but I might want to bleach it a bit to make it a bit lighter. Please look foreward to the result.

Lilac is a bit like hot pink, I'm sure most of you have seen some of the pieces Golds Infinity made a while back, with lilacxblack and deep mintxblack.
Shizuka Mutou's brand Lady (well, Rady..) leans on lilac as a fundament, it's clear Shizuka loves lilac, it's mature and sexy and cute but a little less distracting than hot pink..

So I found some black and lilac stuff to work with and I looked around EVERYWHERE for my old lilac watch, it was so cute, with a heartshaped clock, it would've been perfect to deco into a sweet hime watch ;~; where did it goooooo?!

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