dinsdag 4 mei 2010

I draw

This is kind of nerdy but since I was a little kid I've loved drawing, mainly just little figures doodled on notebooks and stuff. I let go of it for about a year or so (kept on occasionally drawing shoes) and then last semester I picked it up again because I was making curls and I thought that was a great base for hair, so in november and december my notebooks were full of thin girls with black eyes and so much hair...the hair took up half the figure, sometimes they were naked, covered only by hair. But somewhere along the way I went back to drawing with the focus on outfits and the hair became less, it's sad I haven't taken any pictures of those because they were on broken enveloppes and old kanji tests and so they just disappeared...but heres something I made recently. the figure in the background was something I made (an outfit I plan to wear when the sun comes out) before I realized the rest of the paper would serve to a bigger drawing.
and the one in the corner is kind of like a baby fish but I like it <3

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