donderdag 13 mei 2010

Europe picked up on the Mori a little late...

For mother's day my friend bought her mom some nice makeup and we ended up in "The Makeup Store" which is strategically placed practically next to the MAC (untill we found the MAC a few meters further, my friend was under the impression she'd just bought her mom something there).
Because it was their opening day they offered us their magazine and soon I stumbled upon these pages.
High heels? I'd call it high hair..
but I suppose the language of shoes is a language every woman understands while the language of hair can be tricky..
but it's not a bad store, they even sell under lashes..

it reminded me of this anyway

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  1. i wonder how many women will start doing the "High Heel Mori" lol its so fun to look at but never wearable!