zaterdag 29 mei 2010

egg surprise

I hardly ever check egg magazine but since Ageha is making me wait, I don't feel like writing my essay and I'm getting more and more curious about summer fashion, I decided to give egg a look and BEHOLD
This one stole my heart for real! I've been dreaming of a maxi dress with skulls for 2 weeks now and since it doesn't exist I just bought a black one (might sound like I gave up but in fact I moved on to something like a jumpsuit with skulls on it...which probebly doesn't exist either...) but this one gets really close! I've really fallen in love here..

And this
Is it a donut holder? I think it is...donut dispenser to be deco'd to own favour..
Thing is, I'm on a diet, but they're getting me really motivated to buy a banana container *_*

truly a surprise egg (pun for Dutch speakers *_*)

1 opmerking:

  1. That maxi dress is indeed super cool and cute! I like black and white maxi dresses, they aren't as common as the floral or solid color ones.

    Those donuts are scotch tape dispensers, I'm not sure why tape would come out of a donut but they are super cute XD