zaterdag 29 mei 2010

egg surprise

I hardly ever check egg magazine but since Ageha is making me wait, I don't feel like writing my essay and I'm getting more and more curious about summer fashion, I decided to give egg a look and BEHOLD
This one stole my heart for real! I've been dreaming of a maxi dress with skulls for 2 weeks now and since it doesn't exist I just bought a black one (might sound like I gave up but in fact I moved on to something like a jumpsuit with skulls on it...which probebly doesn't exist either...) but this one gets really close! I've really fallen in love here..

And this
Is it a donut holder? I think it is...donut dispenser to be deco'd to own favour..
Thing is, I'm on a diet, but they're getting me really motivated to buy a banana container *_*

truly a surprise egg (pun for Dutch speakers *_*)

donderdag 27 mei 2010

Let's move on to summer.

summer is so much easyer than spring O_o how's that?
This. It's last year's style but this won't die anyway and this is something we all can do

all you need is 20- euros to spend at your local h&m..

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

yay I got the necklace

Even though I'm really busy and all, exams coming up, I had to go shopping for one afternoon, I had to get some stuff I promised myself. Sadly the scarf I was looking for was gone ;~; but instead I decided to buy this necklace anyway. The RI one with the crosses. It was either this or the substitute scarf I found (really cool big one with letters on it, it was a nice scarf but just not what i was looking for, I wanted something more..raw, this was more...onee)
And since I wanted this necklace for months already, I got it. It's not the same one I posted here before but quite similar. I'm really really happy I got it! it fixes simple outfits and it jingles sweetly on my chest haha. I might be able to pin it in my hair or on my hip as a chain thingy..

Speaking of River Island, it's my favourite store and I just can't help myself to tell you about this necklace <3
it's not too big and not too small, it's just kind of sad the chain isn't gold..
and I fell in love with their ornamental headbands that come in styles from floral to rock and marine to plain SHINY. But I'm broke ;~;

As I went shopping I also came across this in NewYorker:
The picture is kind of dark but the lower part is this layered skirt kind of thing, it goes halfway down the thigh I think..
I just had to share it because I think it'd be GREAT for girls that chase that cute, sweet look. With a berret and fluffy curls or something :) And a cute little blazer and pumps..

donderdag 13 mei 2010

Europe picked up on the Mori a little late...

For mother's day my friend bought her mom some nice makeup and we ended up in "The Makeup Store" which is strategically placed practically next to the MAC (untill we found the MAC a few meters further, my friend was under the impression she'd just bought her mom something there).
Because it was their opening day they offered us their magazine and soon I stumbled upon these pages.
High heels? I'd call it high hair..
but I suppose the language of shoes is a language every woman understands while the language of hair can be tricky..
but it's not a bad store, they even sell under lashes..

it reminded me of this anyway

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

I draw

This is kind of nerdy but since I was a little kid I've loved drawing, mainly just little figures doodled on notebooks and stuff. I let go of it for about a year or so (kept on occasionally drawing shoes) and then last semester I picked it up again because I was making curls and I thought that was a great base for hair, so in november and december my notebooks were full of thin girls with black eyes and so much hair...the hair took up half the figure, sometimes they were naked, covered only by hair. But somewhere along the way I went back to drawing with the focus on outfits and the hair became less, it's sad I haven't taken any pictures of those because they were on broken enveloppes and old kanji tests and so they just disappeared...but heres something I made recently. the figure in the background was something I made (an outfit I plan to wear when the sun comes out) before I realized the rest of the paper would serve to a bigger drawing.
and the one in the corner is kind of like a baby fish but I like it <3