dinsdag 20 april 2010

party hardy.

This was the outfit I wore to Suus' b-day party on saturday!  photo march586.jpg photo march691.jpg  photo march622.jpg  photo march630.jpg
It was a funnn party, we had a lot of senseless fun and I missed my train home and Renate and I had to stay over. I felt so smelly! but decided to go for tea with Jerney when I returned to Amsterdamland and we had so much fun too!

this weekend was so much fun, if it wasn't for my busy ass schedule I'd have weekends like this all the time!!!
I hope HYPER can have some fun in June when we're all no longer busy... I miss you gals :( and I miss Josephine! we haven't met in forever!

I'm also giving up on the flat straw hat, I'm just getting a non flat one and pimp it up with some flowers...

OH and the clog trend is starting to hit me *bing* I mean I'm starting to love it O_o well thats not entirely true but... I love how it brings the Dutch in country and I won't need to buy cowboy boots to fix my outfits... oh my, I have the sweeeeetest outfit planned for convo on some lost wednessday in the next 3 weeks
I like the Zara ones, how about you?


3 opmerkingen:

  1. D'aaaaaw awesome outfit <3 Jij kan ook echt alles hebben ;~;
    Ik wil ook meer fun voor HYPER, jammer dat we zo druk zijn :(
    En ik zou geen idee hebben over welke clogs je het hebt :p

  2. I love your hair with this coord!
    I haven't been bitten by the clog bug yet :P