maandag 22 maart 2010

Mwaha April Ageha.

From most unexpected sources I got the april issue of Ageha ♥

I would NOT like to do a review or whatever because I don't know how to+ I should've been earlyer, but I'd like to address a few points.

First thing, on the first page, in the Golds Infinity add, I wanna say that Sayaka is slowly starting to look more and more like Momoeri...which is good because I was missing Momoeri :( but at the same time...Sayaka is Sayaka, Momoeri is Momoeri...

In other model news, theres a spread about Sayo, something about a party? I don't really get it since my Japanese still is beginners level...but it looks like she is resigning Roppongi R that she was in? her mom was there and they had all these champagne towers and other Ageha models joined in too...

Then, this issue is FULL of country style! I've never seen one style take over a magazine with this swiftness ever before. Off course it's no surprise, it's LizLisa's key style this season, Popteen is pretty much all over it too and thanx to Chanel it's just a huge hit this year...
I'm glad to see it in Ageha though, because I wanted to see how the girls of Ageha would incorporate a style this soft and slightly messy (cuz natural) in their basic style of tight eyelines and rockhard curls (cuz fake and arranged).
I think it's pretty succesfull, they've got the straw hat and cowboy boots climb up my to buy list, even past the stripey tights!
so heres some of my favourite pages on that (sorry I don't have a functioning scanner I had to take the pics by camera)
Also this last outfit, I love how it's cute and mature, and I love the girl's hair..

One thing that kind of scared me was the lack of mori hair haha, big hair was always my favourite thing and the reason why I read mainly and nearly ONLY Ageha... let's see where the May issue will take this..

All in all I really loved this issue thanx to the many MANY outfit shots (whereas hair and make usually dominate), and cuz I got it for free :P

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  1. oh wow i love those hair styles! so pretty!

    i pretty much only read ageha too, they always have the best hair!

  2. Do I spyyy Do I spyyyy, a hello kitty PJ? ;D You should bring that to josephine her sleepover, I'll bring mine too :p
    Furthermore I can't wait to see that new ageha! Veronica (wiccawillow) is going to japan in a few days, and she promissed to bring me and josephine an Ageha! I'LL LOSE MY AGEHA VIRGINITY ;~;