maandag 8 maart 2010

Interior blabla.

Last saturday was shopping in Lelystad and baking pizza with Suus and Renate. I found pantyhose with dots, I should've gotten them... maybe some other time.
Renate bought the cutest light denim strapless dress at newyorker. It was sooo LizLisa, it was a great find.
And then we went to a cute kind of cafe in Lelystad, I loved the interior!!!
And the bubbles slowly changed color!

I've been really intrigued by Restaurant and Lounge Geisha, here in Amsterdam. I love lounges but the restaurant is kind of pricey and I dunno how to get into only the lounge and if it's even possible... and then I got this great fanatasy about the interior and I got carried away.
Interior is the most important thing for me to judge a place. I can't go to a place with nice people, fast service and good prices if the decoration just sucks.

Anyway, this was the outfit for the day:
nothing looks half as nice when hair not taken care of haha.

but I found out how pearls and gold make everything more fancy. including this bag:
Doesn't look that special but it was a lot less special when the chain was not there :P

And Rox called me about the premiere of Alice in Wonderland and there was still room for one more lolita (distribute lolipops and get free ticket :D)
So happy she let me know, I really wasn't aware!

Annnnnd next sunday Galmeet!

busy times

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