donderdag 4 maart 2010


HA back.
My laptop is in critical conditions so we sent him to a doctor and now I'm using a REAAAALLY old computer we had stored. Unfortunately my camera doesn't connect to this computer ò.ó want lappie back~

Luckily my phone DOES connect :D and I even installed samsung on my computer and it's great, I can put all my appointments and adresses and everything into the computer and when I connect, it'll all be in my phone <3 I love my phone! But every now and then I have my doubts because everyone has Blackberries nowadays...maybe I should've gotten one...maybe the Blackberry trend is like the Ipod trend, it starts with a few lucky people and in the end it's weird if someone doesn't have one...
We'll see, when they start producing Pinkberries I'll give it some more thought.

Last week Hyper circle had a meet :D it was fun! Good food and good topics...nothing all too forced, let's do that more often, who needs activities?!
I intended to show the pics I had here but since my camera doesn't connect You'll have to do with one little pic of my first 2 friends to arrive <3 (u guys: mail me for bigger pic if you want)


Behold, my fabulous friends! Everyone (our number was few) looked really nice, I can proudly say I looked the least fab in this meeting.

I can also proudly say I looked móst fabulous in my convo class yesterday!

But strugling with flat shoes lately.... Man I'm in the mood for shoe shopping...

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  1. I should have posted it over here;

    baby<3 Well..idunno about the blackberry Ipod-ish trend-ish thing..
    But...If you proceed with your can maybe buy one in the future? But one thing I do know; I used to be a non trend follower with electronics goodies and stuff..but since a year I own a blackberry and I don't want any other phone anymore! And...last month I bought an Ipod-touch..and I feel exactly the same as with the blackberry;)!
    You all looked ab fab at the meeting. Too bad I couldn't come over..but we'll meet next wednesday right??<3