maandag 29 maart 2010

argh matey, out to hunt~

MUAHAHA first I wanna say, Josephine's pirate party was marvelous and I'm sure I can speak for all when I say that!
heres the only pic I had on my cell...
in the supermarket!
I made Rox and Renate's hair and together Rox and I made Phien's hair too. I like making hair....especially when I get the free card :)
here's a pic from Renate's Fbook album :P she isn't in it herself though :(
arghh! And thanx Rox for lending me your fabulous eyepatch <3.

Annnd my little wiggy is stuck in customs now and they want me to tell them what the contents of the box are...because they said it wasn't said on the box....but then they sent me the little paper that usually is on the package..and it just said, wig, 1, 28 dollars, gift...annoying :/ I wanna get it! boo.

Last friday I went on the market with Ryu (<3) to find a Dutch national soccershirt, and I found a LOT of gal items (a lot if you keep your eyes open), and of course for reasonable prices.
these 2 were the shockers so to say, items I never expected to find in this country, let alone on the market:
Chanel type cardidress, the buttons were black and gold...I could see this with so many different accesories and items...flashy belts and ruffly garterbelts stick in my mind the most
and this one! shirred in the back, could go in a sweet way with light colors or in a really sexy way with dark colors and bed slippers...or engineer boots and a leather jacket for something cool...

anyway yay, that made me real happy. too bad I'm broke...

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