maandag 29 maart 2010

argh matey, out to hunt~

MUAHAHA first I wanna say, Josephine's pirate party was marvelous and I'm sure I can speak for all when I say that!
heres the only pic I had on my cell...
in the supermarket!
I made Rox and Renate's hair and together Rox and I made Phien's hair too. I like making hair....especially when I get the free card :)
here's a pic from Renate's Fbook album :P she isn't in it herself though :(
arghh! And thanx Rox for lending me your fabulous eyepatch <3.

Annnd my little wiggy is stuck in customs now and they want me to tell them what the contents of the box are...because they said it wasn't said on the box....but then they sent me the little paper that usually is on the package..and it just said, wig, 1, 28 dollars, gift...annoying :/ I wanna get it! boo.

Last friday I went on the market with Ryu (<3) to find a Dutch national soccershirt, and I found a LOT of gal items (a lot if you keep your eyes open), and of course for reasonable prices.
these 2 were the shockers so to say, items I never expected to find in this country, let alone on the market:
Chanel type cardidress, the buttons were black and gold...I could see this with so many different accesories and items...flashy belts and ruffly garterbelts stick in my mind the most
and this one! shirred in the back, could go in a sweet way with light colors or in a really sexy way with dark colors and bed slippers...or engineer boots and a leather jacket for something cool...

anyway yay, that made me real happy. too bad I'm broke...

maandag 22 maart 2010

Mwaha April Ageha.

From most unexpected sources I got the april issue of Ageha ♥

I would NOT like to do a review or whatever because I don't know how to+ I should've been earlyer, but I'd like to address a few points.

First thing, on the first page, in the Golds Infinity add, I wanna say that Sayaka is slowly starting to look more and more like Momoeri...which is good because I was missing Momoeri :( but at the same time...Sayaka is Sayaka, Momoeri is Momoeri...

In other model news, theres a spread about Sayo, something about a party? I don't really get it since my Japanese still is beginners level...but it looks like she is resigning Roppongi R that she was in? her mom was there and they had all these champagne towers and other Ageha models joined in too...

Then, this issue is FULL of country style! I've never seen one style take over a magazine with this swiftness ever before. Off course it's no surprise, it's LizLisa's key style this season, Popteen is pretty much all over it too and thanx to Chanel it's just a huge hit this year...
I'm glad to see it in Ageha though, because I wanted to see how the girls of Ageha would incorporate a style this soft and slightly messy (cuz natural) in their basic style of tight eyelines and rockhard curls (cuz fake and arranged).
I think it's pretty succesfull, they've got the straw hat and cowboy boots climb up my to buy list, even past the stripey tights!
so heres some of my favourite pages on that (sorry I don't have a functioning scanner I had to take the pics by camera)
Also this last outfit, I love how it's cute and mature, and I love the girl's hair..

One thing that kind of scared me was the lack of mori hair haha, big hair was always my favourite thing and the reason why I read mainly and nearly ONLY Ageha... let's see where the May issue will take this..

All in all I really loved this issue thanx to the many MANY outfit shots (whereas hair and make usually dominate), and cuz I got it for free :P

vrijdag 19 maart 2010


Sooo yesterday was SOOOOO sunny! You wouldn't believe was great, I must've been crazy when I thought spring would never come again...
Sooooo went shopping, just a liiittle cuz I'm nearly broke and I got ugly jeans (really deep blue with really white wash and torn) and the dotted tights I wanted. Mwahaha let's see what I can do with this. My little wig was shipped today btw :D Got some really nice outfit plans...YAY bring on that spring and everything that comes with it~

Le outfit the other day
should've worn neutral tights, this was a bit too much~

AND I was in River Island the other day and I just love their (everything but particularly their) jewelry. And though their stuff online doesn't correspond with their in store items (in here) I wanna share a selection of the best for any style.
I mean look at that. One of those will make the difference of day and night on an outfit.
Personally I've fallen in love with the one with the crosses and all...can't wait till it arrives in store <3

zondag 14 maart 2010

today Galmeet :D

Todaaaay was one year since the first Himemeet! So we wanted to have a meet on this day. Sadly only very few people could make it and my groupshots are on my camera which only connects to my laptop bla bla.

But it was fun! And tadahhh my university friend showed up all out of the blue,
I really didn't have any clue that she would be there!

Heres some pics of me and Rox, and me and Renate.
I think my girls looked really sweet :) Can't wait to meet up again <3

maandag 8 maart 2010

Interior blabla.

Last saturday was shopping in Lelystad and baking pizza with Suus and Renate. I found pantyhose with dots, I should've gotten them... maybe some other time.
Renate bought the cutest light denim strapless dress at newyorker. It was sooo LizLisa, it was a great find.
And then we went to a cute kind of cafe in Lelystad, I loved the interior!!!
And the bubbles slowly changed color!

I've been really intrigued by Restaurant and Lounge Geisha, here in Amsterdam. I love lounges but the restaurant is kind of pricey and I dunno how to get into only the lounge and if it's even possible... and then I got this great fanatasy about the interior and I got carried away.
Interior is the most important thing for me to judge a place. I can't go to a place with nice people, fast service and good prices if the decoration just sucks.

Anyway, this was the outfit for the day:
nothing looks half as nice when hair not taken care of haha.

but I found out how pearls and gold make everything more fancy. including this bag:
Doesn't look that special but it was a lot less special when the chain was not there :P

And Rox called me about the premiere of Alice in Wonderland and there was still room for one more lolita (distribute lolipops and get free ticket :D)
So happy she let me know, I really wasn't aware!

Annnnnd next sunday Galmeet!

busy times

donderdag 4 maart 2010


HA back.
My laptop is in critical conditions so we sent him to a doctor and now I'm using a REAAAALLY old computer we had stored. Unfortunately my camera doesn't connect to this computer ò.ó want lappie back~

Luckily my phone DOES connect :D and I even installed samsung on my computer and it's great, I can put all my appointments and adresses and everything into the computer and when I connect, it'll all be in my phone <3 I love my phone! But every now and then I have my doubts because everyone has Blackberries nowadays...maybe I should've gotten one...maybe the Blackberry trend is like the Ipod trend, it starts with a few lucky people and in the end it's weird if someone doesn't have one...
We'll see, when they start producing Pinkberries I'll give it some more thought.

Last week Hyper circle had a meet :D it was fun! Good food and good topics...nothing all too forced, let's do that more often, who needs activities?!
I intended to show the pics I had here but since my camera doesn't connect You'll have to do with one little pic of my first 2 friends to arrive <3 (u guys: mail me for bigger pic if you want)


Behold, my fabulous friends! Everyone (our number was few) looked really nice, I can proudly say I looked the least fab in this meeting.

I can also proudly say I looked móst fabulous in my convo class yesterday!

But strugling with flat shoes lately.... Man I'm in the mood for shoe shopping...