zondag 24 juli 2016

Sponsored review: G&G Shimmer Yellow lenses from LensFlavors

Heyy all! I have another review for you today!
I'm reviewing G&G Shimmer Yellow lenses from LensFlavors 
I picked these lenses to go with onee gyaru make-up and peachy tones! Although I think they may be a little too vivid to go with peach..

They came in very fast and by registred mail I think! Because I signed for it~ Communication with LensFlavors has also been nothing but pleasant all the way :)

The lenses itself look like this:

As you can see they are very transparent and I had very good hopes for a halo effect TT^TT. They are also relatively harge for lenses with such a natural pattern! 
Let's see how those work out on my eyes:

one in
 natural light
 room light

As you can see they look super vivid and the transparency makes them fade out nicely. However no outer rings means no real halo...however I don't really mind, I love how they look on my eyes~!!

The lenses are large but very soft and the pattern isn't very dense. Which means they are comfortable to wear but hard to put in as they bend over my finger when I put them in.

The verdict for G&G Shimmer Yellow lenses from LensFlavors :


Passed with flying colors! I know I will be using these a lot~!

zaterdag 9 juli 2016

Sponsored Review: O-lens 6 months - Jenith 3 color, natural gray lenses from pinkicon

Hey all! This time around I was offered the opportunity by Pinkicon to review these O-lens 6 month lenses, the model is Jenith 3 color natural gray lenses, the origin of the lenses is Korea. I chose these lenses because I wanted something natural that would match my eyes in the same way brown lenses match the eyes of Japanese gals. To see if I could do the same kind of makeup looks.

Shipping went very fast and I was provided a tracking code, which I rarely get when I order lenses. Pinkicon is based in HK but they ship for free worldwide.
Pinkicon has the cutest packaging and they also included this folder, I am showing the O-lens side on the top because that is the segment I got mine from and I think they are very cute!! Actually the O-lens Jenith 3 color series is also on the monthly promotion, you can check them out at Pinkicon under the sales tag

The folder is overall cute, other brands are also advertised and it got me inspired for a look to do in the review, keep scrolling ;)

These are the lenses as they look in the vial, they look very transparent, the edge is a little darker and fades in, and there is some gold detail in the middle. This would lead me to expect a different effect than the actual effect.

Let's take a closer look at the design:

 One in

Natural light


Room light

I would expect a halo effect but due to the size and maybe my own eye colour I don't get that with these lenses.
Other than that they enlarge a little, they blend with my eyes well, in dim light and in contrast with my own eyes they actually look more green or hazel than grey.

I tried to do two looks, one slightly more gyaru than the other, because I wasn't sure what would look good with such a subtle lens.
Unfortunately the camera and editing washed out most of the difference :/

I think they can actually go both ways. This kind of lens can easily be worn to school or work because it is so subtle, but it fills up the eye just enough for a look with false lashes~

As you can see, no halo. It is definitely the size of the lenses I think. Although the size and the seethroughness make them incredibly comfortable. Easy to put in and wear all day. This is a lens I would wear on the sunday of a weekend meetup. Or I could wear this to the office if we're having a nomikai after.
Let me stress how much I appreciate the way Pinkicon promotes lens safety by including a cute users manual and by offering shorter term lenses. I believe the shorter term lenses are beneficial to hygene and they are also comfortable.

Sooo the verdict for O-lens 6 months - Jenith 3 color natural gray  lenses from Pinkicon:

Thank you for checking out this review and also check out my previous review of Pinkicon, it's funny because it's like a sister look to these looks (with the stripes and the flowercrown).
I hope you liked what I did here :3 Thank you~!!

maandag 20 juni 2016

Osharecon 2016~!!!

[page under construction, sorry for the incoherent layout]

Hey all! So, it's been forever,  but I'd really like to do at least a little update on last March's Osharecon~!!! Somehow I slacked at everything during Osharecon, I didn't take enough pictures and I spent a lot of time in the dealerroom minding the Princess Apparel stand so it's really going to be mostly that... Stay tuned at least for the outfit shots at the end! (and a little rant in the middle ._.)

This was my view from the PA stand! The dealerroom was super cute full of cute stuff~!! It was never super crowded but sometimes the floor got clogged with lolitas ;) that's cute

For the occasion Rox pulled out a huge stand resulting in lots of PA goodness :D So it was no pain standing behind the PA stand at all :) I was kind of chilling while Rox and Do were working their asses off :o

During the day, beside minding the stand, I walked in the gyaru fashionshow, I did two lectures and I entered the MoguMogu gameshow, where I ate a lot of...really not very nice things :/ and I didn't win either so well that was just that~

I wasn't that involved with Osharecon this year. I'm not as pro-active as the other girls are and I am kind of pre-occupied with my own life, by myself. 
Rox and Do decided this was the last Osharecon they would do. And considering the work and stress they got from this, I can totally understand that. Only few people realize what kind of work goes into these events, not only Osharecon but gyaru meets and parties too, and it's painful sometimes to see people only consuming and complaining, when I know my friend is working hard and taking risks. 
If I have any advice to give, or request to make it's this: please be thankful for the eventplanners in your local gyaru or j-fashion community. There are usually only a few people taking the lead in events, even if they 'only' decide a date, a place and make a reservation for a larger group, this can be stressful for them. Having to follow up on you, whether your portion will be paid for etc etc. Please always appreciate that person in your area that takes the initiative. I am not saying this for myself because I've rarely been more than a helpful friend, but I can see how unfair it is and after 10+ years in this community I've seen people become increasingly spoiled and bratty.

Sorry for the semi-rant and the Yoda english. Let's do outfits.
I had a look with a customized jacket, the jacket was inspired by this Rady jacket.

Without the jacket:

Jacket: Thriftstore customized
Cardigan: Yvon mode (print warps my boobs in a very unfortunate manner.)
Bag: 3.3 field trip
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Alysa

And last but not least my nails, blue marble :3

Thank you few people for sticking around :3 I love you

woensdag 27 april 2016

Sponsored review: Geo Xtra Lace green from Lensvillage

This time I was offered to review the Geo Xtra Lace Green lenses by Lensvillage.com. I happily accepted :)

These lenses are more bold than anything I've worn lately, but I do have experience with bolder lenses from my agejo days.

The dark ring around these lenses is suuuuper thick, the 'iris' color is green, but it is very seethrough. This means that the look of these lenses may differ very much by the wearer's eyecolor.

So let's move on into the comparisson:

One in

Natural light


Room light

The enlarging effect is A+ they give the eyes a dolly effect and they fill the eyes up nicely for a heavier makeup look too! I used relatively heavy lashes on the comparisson above, but I moved into slightly more natural and sultry lashes for the portrait shots.

Like I said before, I haven't worn lenses this bold for years. They remind me of one of my first pairs of lenses, those were only a black ring, fading in.

The green blends so well with my own eyecolor that one would hardly notice it actually. The dark ring is so wide that the 'iris' colour doesn't get a lot of space to shine.

I think these lenses could be of great use to younger gals and people that love a more OTT look but for my recent style preferences this is a little too much~ That's just a matter of opinion.

Although the lenses are very large and it's a dense print the lenses are completely comfortable~


I need to think a little of an occasion for me to wear these lenses, but other than that I am completely satisfied, they are comfortable and super dolly!

zondag 10 april 2016

Shibuya Party last februari in Rotterdam

Ok so yep, I shoved this post aside to announce HYPER's end as a circle and then I left you hanging forever ^^;; That's not nice.
This post is mostly pictures because it's a little lost in memory but it's nice to catch a glimpse of the ambiance and I can show you my outfit I was relatively pleased with!!

Shibuya Party took place in Rotterdam in February~ Shibuya Party was Rox' baby and I think we all had a nice night! At first the HYPER members came to help decorate the place like so:

Although the party was open to all lovers of Japanese fashion, the gyaru were definitely the largest group. Rox even brought some themed cocktails to the table!!

The venue was small but fits relatively many people so we could do with more visitors next time, but overall it was a nice crowd :D

The party consisted of  a sujimori demonstration, GGA awardshow, Parapara performances and a Parapara game, followed by karaoke and Neodash Zerox our favourite DJ :D

I had a cool night with cool people, I really hope we can repeat this and more people can come!  Everyone looked super stylish and the mood was so up! And I love when parties are nearly all girls because it's so much more relaxed~

Soooo, my look for the day, I kind of don't plan my looks ahead anymore lately so it's always a surprise to me what I come up with ^^;;

wearing this wig with a fringe felt sooo goooood, it makes me look younger and it's just so comfortable 

Top: F21
Skirt: Egoist
Boots: RI
Bag: Glamorous Jane
Watch: Casio

Although I know my friends and former HYPER members kind of lost their passion for gyaru, I really hope we can repeat events like this one and create a nice atmosphere. I'm looking forword to the possibility of something in fall maybe... Gatherings like this make me really really happy!!